Hallux valgus: how to prevent it and reduce pain

Hallux valgus: how to prevent it and reduce pain

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains what to do in case of hallux valgus and how to prevent it

Hallux valgus makes women suffer above all, also because of high-heeled shoes. The age at the highest risk of the problem is between 40 and 60, when the classic alterations of the foot mechanics begin to manifest themselves.

Genetics also matter a little. This does not mean that you are born with the "curse" of hallux valgus, but that you may be predisposed to a particular laxity of the ligaments and muscles that can lead to flat foot, to alterations of the big toe or to a particularly arched foot in which loads all the weight on the fingers, in particular on the first metatarsal. Then there may be the classic lesions related to hallux valgus, that is, those that are called "onions".

What to do

From the point of view of treatment, it is always necessary that a specialist doctor, in this case the orthopedist, give advice on the right attitude to take.

In terms of prevention, we remind you that if there are cases in the family, but not only, you need to pay attention to footwear, since there are orthopedic insoles and shoes that can reduce the excessive load placed on the front of the foot. Physiotherapy treatments can be useful, especially when discomfort can also occur in other areas related to the presence of hallux valgus, in particular ankle and knee.

Sometimes it comes to surgery which must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. And it must also be taken into account that the results can sometimes be not completely satisfactory.


Therefore, always refer to the expert and keep in mind some precautions. Pay attention to too high heels, remember that for those suffering from hallux valgus the recommended shoes are those with a round and rather wide toe, it may be useful to use an insole to reduce the symptoms of central metatarsalgia, a consequence of hallux valgus, which leads to pain under the sole of the foot when walking. And finally, keep in mind that there are toe separators which in some cases tend to reduce the possibility of the big toe crossing over the other toes.

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