Ham diet: fill up with protein and lose weight

Ham diet: fill up with protein and lose weight

With the ham diet you fill up with protein and lose weight, without effort and in just five days

The raw ham diet is balanced and perfect for filling up with protein and losing up to 2 kilos in just 5 days.

Few people know this, but this food can become the perfect ally to lose weight in a short time and without facing hunger pangs. Raw ham, unlike other cured meats and cold cuts, is processed in a natural way, so it does not contain any additives or preserves. It brings to the body above all good proteins and fats, but also essential amino acids (such as valine, leucine and isucine, essential for the nutrition of athletes), B and E vitamins, mineral salts, iron, zinc and selenium .

The only negative note concerns the presence of salt. In fact, each 50-gram portion has an average of 500 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to about 25% of the daily intake that is recommended by experts. The problem, however, can be easily solved by avoiding salting the other dishes that accompany raw ham, such as salad, grilled vegetables, but also bread, which should be chosen wholly.

Another disadvantage is the fat, which however is easily visible in raw ham and can be eliminated without too many problems in a few seconds, cutting the number of calories contained in each slice. Finally, it is essential, when following this diet, to drink at least two liters of water a day, to counteract water retention. How does this five-day diet work? The day begins with a cup of green tea, to stimulate the metabolism, and a low-fat yogurt with whole grains.

At lunch, opt for a plate of wholemeal spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and cured ham, while at dinner, instead, focus on robiola and ham rolls, accompanied by a salad of rocket and cucumber. End your day with a fennel tea, with diuretic properties and perfect for eliminating swollen stomachs and stimulating digestion.

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