Happiness is achieved by letting go of these things

Happiness is achieved by letting go of these things

Is happiness possible? What is the right way to finally conquer it? Here are some useful tips

Finding happiness isn't always easy. Today, to define themselves truly happy, they increasingly need to accumulate material goods. Yet, according to many psychologists, it would be really important to understand what really can make us satisfied, thus letting go of the superfluous once and for all, all that brings pain, anxiety and tension. Being a happy person does not coincide in any way with wealth, with economic well-being as most people in the modern world are led to believe.

Many people ask themselves: is there a way we can follow to find happiness? It would seem so and anyone can undertake it. One should only try to work on oneself and improve certain aspects which do nothing but create limits by moving away from a possible state of joy. The first thing to do? Appreciate what we have, cultivating positive thinking at all times. There are those who always want to be the center of attention by placing their ideas on others on every occasion. There is nothing more wrong: sometimes it would also be nice to listen to the opinion of others and maybe share it.

Even trying to keep everything under control will never lead us to find happiness. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus used the term panta rei (everything flows) to highlight that nothing is ever the same: this concept can also serve to emphasize that we cannot always control all situations, some will escape us, but not for this we must fall into an abyss . In life you win and lose, you fall and luckily you get up. Things don't always go as we would like. Until we understand this we will be eternal unhappy.

Social conditionings are another great evil. We will not be able to find happiness in any way if we continue to worry about the judgment of others after all our actions. Freedom of thought and speech is one of the greatest gifts we have. Whether it is a love or friendship relationship, it is therapeutic to express what is going on in our mind. We can't say yes even when we don't agree. Sometimes, said the mystic Anthony De Mello, we also try to say some no, we will come out fortified and happy.

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