Happy birthday David Beckham, 41 candles of charm

Happy birthday David Beckham, 41 candles of charm

The football addon celebrates its 41st birthday, from football star to sexy icon

Handsome, athletic and very rich David Beckham – crowned by People magazine in 2015 as "the most beautiful man on the planet" – turns 2 on 2 May, but does not prove them.
The former English footballer – Golden ball in 1999 – born in 1975 in Leytonstone, a suburb of London, as a boy he has one great passion: football.
The team of his father's heart begins to play for Manchester United at 16, with the Red Devils he wins six championships, a Champions and an Intercontinental Cup, and enters the legend.

In 2012 – always Forbes – puts him at the top of the ranking of the highest paid players in history, with a profit of 46 million dollars.

But he's not just a champion David Beckham, alongside his wife, the former Spice Girl Victoria Adams, becomes a style icon thanks to his business as a businessman – Forbes magazine ranks him fifth among the most influential celebrities in 2008. It is also a beauty icon, perfectly embodying the metrosexual style: the man cared for, depilated, well-trained and attentive to self-care.

Beautiful and with a sculpted physique, thanks to a healthy and rigorous life and the gifts of mother nature, Beckham is a super sought after and super paid model, he left football and planned the future between collaborations as testimonials and the purchase of a team of football.

His advertisements are legendary – he is the most famous face of the last H&M campaign – the underwear campaign for Armani in 2007 is unforgettable, but he has also collaborated with Adidas, Sainsbury's, Samsung and Belstaff.

Wrinkles Beckham does not give up, he is sure of himself and his charm and has never succumbed to the appeal of surgery, shows off his forty tattoos that make him simply sexier, has changed his look often and casually – beautiful platinum blonde, with crest or shaved, splendid with a pigtail – bearded and shaved, he always has that air that deliries the fans.

Faithful or at least he lives up to his word, he has been with his wife Victoria since 1997, after two years if the bride and now have four children, three boys and one girl, what to say: happy birthday David.

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