Happy birthday Mara Venier: the messages of the VIPs for her 70th birthday

Happy birthday Mara Venier: the messages of the VIPs for her 70th birthday

The showgirl blew out 70 candles and there were many messages of esteem and affection she received from colleagues and friends

A career full of satisfactions, the affection of the people and many genuine tributes: many celebrities and friends wanted to wish Mara Venier their 70th birthday.

Among the sweetest messages that of her husband Nicola Carraro who wrote on Instagram "Greetings my love you are still a differently young girl and I love you 70 times more than before". The two got married in 2006 and their relationship is solid and beautiful. Cakes, smiles and candles also in the post of Mara's daughter, Elisabetta Ferracini, an image accompanied by a sweet message.

There was no shortage of television tributes. In the final stages of Afternoon Five it was Barbara D'Urso, with whom Mara competes for the Sunday spectators, to wish her best by showing a photo in which they appear together and stating: "Today I have coffee with Mara Venier, because today Mara makes 70 years old, you are a g **** a, you know ”.

Antonella Clerici from the studios of È semper mezzogiorno also surprised Mara, who had to participate in the program, cooking the Sacher cake: the favorite of the Venetian presenter. “She turns 70 and looks twenty younger, we want to dedicate her favorite cake to her”, explained Antonella while Mara followed her live.

In the Instagram stories Mara told a little about the emotions of the day and showed dedications and gifts. From the one received by the director Ferzan Ozpetek to a funny image shared by the neo-melodic singer Andrea Sannino, up to a series of shots of Mara and Alessia Marcuzzi together. A spontaneous photo that shares in the stories Rita Dalla Chiesa writing: "Our hugs … when we could hug each other". And then the dedications and tributes by Lavinia Biagiotti, who shared a post: “Happy birthday Mara! I embrace you with immense affection and I am close to you with my heart today more than ever ". Eva Cavalli with an image from a few years ago where, in addition to Mara and Eva, Roberto Cavalli, Zucchero and Francesca Mozer appear. And Francesco Gabbani could not miss that he sang a personal version of Happy Birthday to you.

The post on Instagram written by Alba Parietti, which recalls the beginnings and their relationship, is also very long and exciting: “And you recognize your friends. In these days, once again destiny has united us in the pain of important losses that have devastated us and once again, we have found ourselves with the same affection, the same complicity, the same confidence, of the two girls who slept together when their boys were on tour. Those two girls full of dreams with so much melancholy are still here, for each other. Because what matters in a friendship story is to be there in good and in pain. Happy birthday Mara ”he wrote among other things.

The journalist and presenter Marino Bartoletti in a post on Instagram dedicated these words to Mara Venier: “Greetings Mara, sincere and sincere host of television. Certainly you had imagined this round figure of yours more cheerful, but the death of Gianni, your devoted friend, took something away from your contagious smile. Life has never given you anything: the affection of the people – in the world of plastic TV – you have won with your indispensable and brazen spontaneity ".

It was in fact a sweet and bitter birthday for Mara, still shaken by the loss of a dear friend the actor Gianni Dei to whom she was very attached, as she herself told in an exciting post to greet him. But still a birthday filled with the love of the many people who love her.

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