Happy birthday miniskirt: 50 but don't show them

Happy birthday miniskirt: 50 but don't show them

Bold and scandalous revolutionizes fashion and scandalizes the world, but it is always on the crest of a wave

Irresistible miniskirt: everyone wants to wear it

The miniskirt was born in London in 1963, the daughter of Swinging London – the current that gathered trends and novelties from those prollifying years – launched by the English designer Mary Quant, revolutionizes fashion and shock the world. The first appearance however does it in the boutique Bazaar of Kings Road in 1965.

A truly micro, bold and scandalous debut, cut just below the groin, worn with colored boots and stockings, becoming the symbol of emancipation and the feminine revolution. It is the first time that women have discovered their legs in this way and the public that sees it slip off the catwalk welcomes it with an astonished silence.

It does not take long for the female universe to adopt this novelty enthusiastically, which will become a favorite of her wardrobe. These are the years of polka dot geometries, and optical and Greek ones that will become more intense and bright in the 70s.

The first models of those minimalist skirts certainly didn't have an easy life but they started the change. The mini is definitively consecrated by the transgressive charm of Brigitte Bardot and by the evanescence of the top-fashioned model Twiggy, undisputed icons of that period.

But they are not the only ones to show them off: from Jakie Kennedy to Anna of England, from Marilyn Monroe to Sofia Loren from Jane Birkin to Tina Turner each with her own style will face the scandalous, bold, and shamelessly ground of the mini.

From the legs of the divas to those of ordinary women the pace was very short: long and slender, round or formosette, slender or well planted no female – fortunately – wanted to give up the thrill and intoxication of wearing one. Despite the esteemed and admired, scandalized and astonished looks of the males and the matusas.

After 1963, women's clothing will never be the same. Short skirts impose new rules: high patent leather boots, tights and a real revolution in lingerie. Meanwhile the nude look is born, the first hippies arrive that will make fashion from '68 with the "Flower Power" while the women's liberation movements, provide the ideal ground to push to the maximum the discovery of the female body.

The miniskirt celebrates 50 years today and is still on the crest of a wave: there is no self-respecting star, a winking teen or cool princess who does not wear one, not to mention the most glamorous shambles, in which it is really hard yet today, that do not peep two legs in mini skyrt.

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