Harry and Meghan Markle unmasked by the documents: Carlo paid them a large sum

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"A large sum has been paid": Harry and Meghan Markle denied by Carlo's financial documents. Their salaries were paid until summer 2020

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Harry and Meghan Markle cut off from royal funding. Thus, the Prince complained in the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey that he was financially excluded from his family after Megxit. In other words, Carlo would no longer pass the salary to his son. But now comes the denial from Clarence House: "A large sum has been paid."

A Clarence House spokesperson told the BBC that Harry received a "substantial sum" from Charles following his decision to leave the Royal Family in January 2020. The Prince of Wales' annual spending review found funding for the activities of William and Kate Middleton and Harry and Meghan Markle for £ 4.4m. It is not known how specifically it was intended for the Sussexes. But it is clear from the documents that Harry and his wife received cash support at least until summer 2020.

On the other hand, many have wondered why Harry's grudge against his father on the money issue. When the Prince and his wife Meghan decided to leave court duties, they declared that they wanted to achieve economic independence. Objective that in fact they have satisfied after the millionaire agreements with Netflix and Spotify. Despite this, Harry took it out on Carlo, pointing out how he was cut off from real funding in the first quarter of 2020, without even being guaranteed a safety stock. In the interview he was keen to emphasize that he and his wife managed to live thanks to the money from Diana's inheritance.

But according to Clarence House's statements: “The Prince of Wales has set aside a considerable amount to support Harry and Meghan in this transition. That funding ceased in the summer of last year. The couple is now financially independent ”.

What was stated by Palazzo therefore appears to be in contrast with Harry's accusations against Carlo. After the issue of the secret marriage revealed by Meghan, also in this case the statements of the Sussex have been denied with formal documents.

The Sussexes, however, have decided to defend themselves and through a spokesperson have specified that there are no contradictions between Harry's statements and what Charles paid, because we are talking about different timelines: "The Duke of Sussex's comments refer to the first quarter of 'fiscal year 2020 which begins in April and on the same date the Sandringham agreement began and this is in line with the accounts of Clarence House ”.

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