Harry and Meghan, the Christmas present for Archie is a gesture of solidarity

Harry and Meghan, the Christmas present for Archie is a gesture of solidarity

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave a special gift in the name of little Archie, for a supportive Christmas for those most in need

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prove to be very special parents. On the occasion of Christmas, they gave a "wonderful gift" in the name of their son Archie, making an important contribution to the New Zealand organization Make Give Live, which works in support of needy families. It is not the first time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have helped this social enterprise but this time they really outdid themselves.

As told on the pages of the New Zealand Herald by Claire Conza, founder of Make Give Live, in these days they received an order for 100 knitted hats produced by them in the name of little Archie. Not a purchase like the others, therefore, but "a wonderful gift for the organization" that Meghan and Harry wanted to make for the December holidays.

Claire Conza explained how important such a gesture is by two prominent personalities such as the Dukes of Sussex, young and successful with the power to lead the new generations towards the path of goodness and altruism. Make Give Live produces handmade works and for every purchase made a new garment is made and donated. In this case, Mrs. Conza explained that thanks to the purchase made by Meghan and Harry in the name of little Archie, the organization will be able to create 200 new hats, which it will then distribute to needy families through the various charities they collaborate with.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have now supported the New Zealand organization for some time. Last New Year's day, many fans were able to admire Archie on Instagram in an adorable shot in which the little one wore a hand-sewn hat from Make Give Live, while they were in their residence in Canada.

The founder reiterated in the interview that that simple snapshot, shared on the Sussex Royal Instagram profile, which the couple had now definitively abandoned, caused a chain reaction of solidarity and many orders from all over the world arrived throughout 2020. . In a difficult year like this, they managed to donate more than three thousand hats to families in need to face the harsh winter. The founder of Make Give Live concluded by recalling that she had looked for a way to thank Meghan and Harry and, finally, managed to send a greeting card to the royal couple also thanks to the intercession of the new New Zealand president Jacinda Ardern.

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