Harry, birthday without William and Kate Middleton. And Meghan Markle disappoints

Harry, birthday without William and Kate Middleton. And Meghan Markle disappoints

Harry celebrates his birthday without William and Kate but has no regrets. And Meghan Markle in public is subdued

Harry turns 36 on September 15 and this will be his first birthday since leaving the Royal Family. Therefore, no celebrations or exchanges of greetings in person with William and Kate Middleton.

Despite this streak of sadness, the Prince has several good reasons to celebrate his august birthday. Starting with the millionaire agreement that he and his wife Meghan Markle signed with Netflix, getting rid of Carlo's salary. Not to mention that sense of freedom he has discovered since he resigned from his court obligations.

Of course, there was no shortage and no shortage of difficulties. Several rumors have leaked that Harry is struggling to get used to the rhythms of American life. It also seems that he misses his father Carlo deeply and is sorry that he has given up his military posts.

Despite all this, things are definitely better for Harry than they were a year ago when he was about to leave for South Africa with Meghan and Archie on a state tour. It was on that occasion that for the first time the couple publicly talked about the pressures of the media and the desire to leave the life of the Court behind. Harry was oppressed and in pain then, at least that's what he implied.

While now he can say he has achieved his main goal: he left Buckingham Palace in a move that rocked the Monarchy, lives in a stunning super luxury mansion in Los Angeles, in the upscale Montecito neighborhood, has finally achieved independence economic enough to have repaid the millionaire debt for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage. And it also seems that things Meghan Markle have smoothed out and a second child is planned.

Of course, everything has a price. Harry had to give up his family of origin, he quarreled with his brother William, he broke ties with his sister-in-law Kate Middleton to whom he was very attached, he could not support his father Carlo when he fell ill and said goodbye to the privileges of be the grandson of Queen Elizabeth.

As for her birthday, it is likely that she will just celebrate it with Archie and Meghan who will find time to be with her husband between one engagement and another.

Lady Markle recently appeared again on video and once again played on the subdued and casual image she has adopted since she moved to the United States. Meghan wore a white jacket over a brown top, natural make-up and hair pulled back into a ponytail. A look devoid of personality and above all very similar to those already shown in the video links of the last few months. We agree that bon ton hats and dresses are out of place in this context, she could put more originality in composing her outfits, as she did for the denim suit during a visit to an educational center. In conclusion, this time Meg has disappointed in terms of style.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle – Source: IPA

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