Harry criticized for obscuring the Queen's message

Harry criticized for obscuring the Queen's message

Harry's interview with James Corden overshadowed the Queen's important message

Meghan Markle, the second pregnancy

Harry's latest interview with James Corden caused a shower of criticism. Diana's second son was in fact accused of obscuring the Queen's message. The Sovereign, after difficult days related to the hospitalization of her husband Filippo in hospital due to an infection, has returned to show herself on video with the aim of raising awareness in the British about vaccines

The Queen participated in a video call in which she shared her experience with vaccination, asking everyone to make an extra effort to counter the pandemic. “It was quick and painless – he said -. It didn't hurt me at all. After you feel protected. And I think this feeling is very important. I have received many letters from people who were surprised at how simple it is to be vaccinated ”. The Queen then compared the Coronavirus to the "plague" and invited the subjects to do their part because "it is necessary to think of others before oneself".

An important message that according to many, however, would have been obscured by Harry's choice to take part in The Late Late Show. William's brother after his divorce from the Crown gave an interview to James Corden in which he talked about his new life in California with Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with her second child, and little Archie.

"While the Queen urges us to think of others, Prince Harry performs in Los Angeles and makes the absurd claim that he has not strayed from royalty," commentator Phil Dampier said. What planet is it on? Hollywood I suppose ”. The Daily Mail reports that the Harry interview, which aired shortly after the Queen's message, would have brought "unrest" to Buckingham Palace. In his chat with James Corden, in which Meghan Markle also appeared on a video call, Harry explained that he has not strayed from the Royal Family, but that he has escaped from a "toxic environment" caused by media attention.

These statements seem to be in stark contrast to the prince's choices. "When the Queen speaks she should have free rein," explained a source of the Palace, reiterating that Harry's behavior did not like the Sovereign at all.

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