"Harry failed with Meghan Markle". And he and William disappoint Diana

"Harry failed with Meghan Markle". And he and William disappoint Diana

Harry ran too much with Meghan Markle and she couldn't wait to go back to America. While the feud with William would have deeply disappointed Diana

Harry at Vax Live without Meghan Markle. On stage J.Lo and Selena Gomez

Although Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a baby girl and closing gold deals in America, many see the couple as a failure for the Monarchy and a disappointment for the Royal Family that would have hurt even Lady Diana if she could have witnessed the feud with William. and Kate Middleton.

On several fronts, Harry and Meghan Markle continue to be attacked, especially after the interview with Oprah Winfrey and the appearance of the Prince in Britain after Philip's funeral. To intervene this time against the couple is Lady Victoria Hervey, former flirt of Prince Andrew. The socialite revealed that she predicted that Meghan "would soon run away to the US".

According to Lady Victoria, Harry would have run too much with the Markle. The brief engagement one year after the first meeting, then immediately the marriage and the first child put a strain on the balance of the couple and subjected Meghan to great stress who did not have the material time to get used to the new life and above all to understand how things worked at Court.

In other words, Meg's flight from London was predictable because she was not given the way to assimilate the mechanisms of the Royal Family, the secular traditions, the hierarchy to respect. Thus Harry's wife did not understand what her real room for maneuver were and on the other hand the Palace did not have time to fully understand Markle's cultural and educational diversity.

Speaking to Closer Lady Victoria said: "I remember that shortly before their wedding, I thought: 'They will get married, they will have children … And she will end up wishing to be in America", adding that she thinks Meghan and Harry have been through too little. time together in England.

“They were always on the go. They moved too fast ”. Comparing William and Kate: "That's why Kate Middleton and Prince William's relationship is so successful: they were together for so long before they got married."

Lady Victoria also labeled Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah as "disgusting" as it aired while Prince Philip, who died in April at the age of 99, was in hospital.

The interview with Oprah was a reason for further conflict with the Royal Family, rekindling strong tensions between Harry, William and Carlo that the Queen tried in every way to smooth out.

The feud between the brothers was read by court experts as a cause of profound disappointment. Lady Diana would have been hurt to see her children separated and above all it would have been a great pain for her to see her grandchildren grow apart.

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