Harry in pieces after Meghan Markle's abortion: the Palace does not leave him alone

Lady Diana, Harry ready to become King. Meghan Markle disappointed

The Royal Family, informed in July of the natural abortion, supported Meghan Markle and Harry in their dramatic experience

The Royal Family ready to support and comfort Harry and Meghan Markle after the loss of their second child due to a miscarriage.

In an article, written by her hand and published in the New York Times on November 25, Meghan recounted the dramatic experience she lived last July when on an ordinary day, while taking care of her son Archie, she was hit by a very strong cramp and she realized she was losing the baby she was carrying. An experience that deeply marked both her and Harry, who found themselves hand in hand in a hospital room, in tears, wondering how they could have overcome all this.

The world learned of Meghan's abortion months later, but the Royal Family were informed immediately of the incident, according to the Daily Beast, not only were they also aware of the editorial signed by her, before its publication. .

Although relations between the Windsors and Sussexes were strained and frayed, Queen Elizabeth, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate Middleton seem to have mobilized to support Harry and Meghan in this difficult time. The Prince was in pieces and the affection of his family was fundamental to him. A source close to the Palazzo reported that the Royal Family is deeply saddened by the incident. Charles Spencer, Lady Diana's brother and therefore Harry's uncle, also spoke to ITV, stating that the whole family is close to the couple: “I can't imagine the suffering of a couple who lose a child like that. Today all thoughts are for Meghan and Harry ”.

At this juncture, the Royal Family has put aside every conflict and every protocol to support the couple who still continue to feel regularly with the Queen and Prince Charles. Less in fact with William and Kate with whom it seems that relations have really deteriorated.

On the other hand, the Royal Family has already found itself managing such a delicate situation. In 2018, Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Tindall and her husband Mike revealed they had lost a child before the arrival of their second child. In 2001 Sofia of Wessex and her husband Edoardo went through the same traumatic experience.

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