Harry in tears with his ex before the wedding. And now it disappears for 5 months

Harry takes 5 months of paternity leave. But rumors pop up about a tearful phone call with his ex Chelsy Davy

Harry and Meghan Markle became parents for the second time last June 4th and the Prince decided to stay with his wife and baby girl as much as possible, taking 5 months of paternity leave. So, things seem to be going well for the couple, although recently uneasy rumors have emerged that speak of a tearful Harry before the wedding.

Harry and Meghan got married on May 19, 2018. So they recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary, which was literally passed on the sly in the indifference of the Royal Family who did not give a hint of good wishes even on social media. The silence of the Palace took us by surprise and it was immediately thought that it was due to the constant conflicts, fueled by the recent public accusations of the Prince towards his father Charles.

Then Lilibet Diana was born and, beyond the controversy over the name borrowed from the Queen, the tensions between the Sussex and the Royal Family seem to have subsided. Harry and Meghan are happier than ever, so much so that the Prince has decided to take 5 months away from the public to devote himself to his family, even though he should return to London in early July.

According to reports from the Express, however, the relationship between Harry and Meghan seems to be based on not very solid foundations. Also among the guests at their wedding was Chelsy Davy, the ex-girlfriend Harry was with for 7 years. Despite their strong bond, she was not invited to the exclusive party at Frogmore Cottage. Perhaps Lady Markle did not think it appropriate.

In any case, according to what the Express reports, Harry felt the need to call her the day before the wedding and it seems that during this phone call they both burst into tears to recognize that the Prince was moving on with his life. The source said: "It was their last call, a farewell call."

And he continued: “Chelsy was very excited, she was in tears. He didn't want to go to the wedding. But in the end she promised Harry that she would be there and wouldn't ruin the party. "

A revelation that leaves us perplexed. Maybe the two regretted how things went between them? Chelsy wanted to be in Meghan's place? And would Harry have wanted it that way too? Questions that cannot be answered.

The fact is that one of the reasons that led to the end of their story in 2011 was Chelsy's fear of joining the Royal Family.

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