Harry "overwhelmed by guilt for Philip": the gesture of Kate Middleton

Harry "overwhelmed by guilt for Philip": the gesture of Kate Middleton

After Philip's death, Harry would be "overwhelmed with guilt": Kate Middleton's gesture for him and William

Farewell to Prince Philip: difficult childhood, love for the Queen and grandchildren

These are not easy days for Harry who, according to some rumors, would feel "overwhelmed by feelings of guilt for Philip". In fact, Meghan Markle's husband was unable to say goodbye to his grandfather, greeting him one last time before his death. The Royal Family had informed Diana's second son of the Duke of Edinburgh's state of health, but Harry would have preferred to stay in the United States and not reach London because of the scandal caused by his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

A fatal decision, which would have prevented the prince from saying goodbye to his beloved grandfather one last time and staying next to the Queen in the hardest moment. Arriving in England to attend Philip's funeral, Harry would remain in solitary confinement and would have time to reflect on his behavior.

"He feels deeply guilty for not being there to say goodbye in person," a source told Us Weekly. In the last period between Harry and Filippo some conflicts would have arisen. In fact, the Queen's husband had never accepted the choice of his nephew and Meghan Markle to leave the Crown to start a new life in the United States. Despite this, there had not ceased to be a special relationship between the two, which is why many would have been surprised not to find Harry at his grandfather's bedside for a last farewell. "Philip and Harry had a very close relationship – revealed an insider -. Although they did not communicate much in the last year of Filippo's life, Filippo thought with great affection of his nephew and vice versa ".

Alone in London without Meghan Markle, Harry would be very sad and tried. So much so that Kate Middleton would come to her aid. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge would be determined to restore peace between Harry and William. A Guardian source revealed that she would be the one who pushed her husband to call her brother and would like him to make up as soon as possible. "Having a very close relationship with his brothers Pippa and James, and having known firsthand the special bond that united William and Harry, he is really sad for the situation that has arisen – said a source -. You are a person who avoids conflicts, and hopes to be able to ease the tensions already before Saturday ”.

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