Harry regretted the interview with Oprah but it's too late now

Harry regretted the interview with Oprah but it's too late now

"Harry is sorry and embarrassed" for what he said against his family and not even Meghan can console him, because it's too late

Meghan Markle, the second pregnancy

Harry would have regretted what he said during the interview with Oprah Winfrey but by now it is too late. This is what experts in real matters claim.

"Harry was hurt and angry at how the Royal Family treated his wife Meghan Markle and used the interview with Oprah Winfrey to express his grudge." But, according to Duncan Larcombe, he would now regret the methods used. "He is sorry and embarrassed," said the expert, author of the book Prince Harry: The Inside Story, who has personally known the Prince following him for a decade during which he has experienced how "a hothead" he is.

Larcombe explained from the pages of Closer how Harry is led to act impulsively and that's exactly what happened with Oprah. Duncan recounted an episode from 2008 in which he was able to personally experience what Charles and Diana's second child looks like. The reporter was allowed to attend the bachelor party of Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne, to follow the event.

William invited him to have a beer with Harry who, thinking he had sneaked in, was furious and livid. “He saw red and we had a fight. But after William explained to him how things were, he calmed down and we drank together ”.

Larcombe is convinced that a similar thing happened with the bombshell interview with Oprah, namely that Harry did not think about the things he was saying, angry as he was for the wrongs that he thinks Meghan would have suffered from his family. Result? He completely alienated Charles and William. The only one who is still patient and willing to offer him a hand is the Queen, but obviously on her terms.

Although during his brief stay in England for Prince Philip's funeral, Harry was able to have informal talks with His Majesty, his father and brother, the situation has not settled down at all. Indeed, the Prince, once back in California, would have complained about the cold with which he was greeted by some of his relatives. He would have been so impressed that he seriously thought not to return to London in July for the inauguration of the statue of his mother, Diana.

Also because according to the expert, Harry found himself experiencing conflicting emotions, on the one hand he was hurt by the welcome he received, on the other he realized how much he misses his old life and what he had to give up.

Duncan added of the interview: “I have no doubt that Harry felt embarrassed and sorry. Now he is facing the consequences. I think he will regret that interview and perhaps his decision to leave the Royal Family.

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