Harry returns to Oprah before Meghan's birth, insiders: "Just missing"

Harry returns to Oprah before Meghan's birth, insiders: "Just missing"

The Duke of Sussex is ready for new revelations but, in the meantime, the family seems ready to expand sooner than expected

Meghan Markle, Archie turns two

Harry is ready to write a new chapter on the Royal Family. And once again in the presence of Oprah Winfrey. The Duke of Sussex seems ready for another interview with further revelations about his decision to leave his role, to form a family far from his origins.

In the wake of the success of the docuseries created with Oprah, Prince Harry will record a new installment of the show and curiosity is already skyrocketing. His latest statements had not done the Royal Family any good, which had reacted more or less differently to the Duke's sharp words.

Harry's words have in fact hit every corner of the Royal Family, without sparing anyone. In his confession, there was no lack of details of the trauma suffered following the death of his mother Diana and for which he also had to face a period of analysis.

In the new episode destined to the docuseries, some very important interventions are also foreseen, with experts who will take care of deepening various delicate issues, such as that of mental health and emotional well-being.

And it is precisely on this point that he had beaten Harry and on the need to free himself from the oppression of his state in order to finally find himself. The Prince had also spoken of the breaking of a circle of pain that had begun with his father and that – it would seem – had left him no alternatives, explaining, in no uncertain terms: “So it was for me, so it will be for you”.

His stance so tough did not leave the Queen and Prince Charles indifferent, who replied saying they were hurt by these words. However, Elizabeth continued to play her role as rigorously as possible, smiling during the institutional meetings following Harry's interview.

Meanwhile, the family he has decided to form with Meghan would be expanding and much sooner than expected. According to rumors reported by the Daily Beast, the couple would be ready to welcome the second child in advance of the schedule: “The baby could be born by the end of the month. We feel like saying that from now on every day is good ”.

The little one could also be born in the home. Already for Archie, Meghan Markle wanted a home birth at Frogmore Cottage, but gave up on medical advice. The indiscretion is revived by Page Six, which identifies the villa in Montecito as the ideal location for the birth of Prince Harry's second child.

If a hospital were to be needed, Meghan could choose Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, as also suggested by Omid Scobie – co-author of the biography on Sussex Finding Freedom – who had missed a comment on the maternity ward of the structure, inserted among the best in the country.

Bettors are still unleashed on the name, for which not many rumors have leaked. There is talk of Diana, in honor of Harry's beloved mother but also of Lily, for a tribute to Queen Elizabeth. After Philip's death, there was also talk of the possibility of Philippa, in memory of his great-grandfather.

The girl will have no royal titles, regardless of her father's decision to leave England to build a new life in America. He could only get a title if his grandfather Charles became king, as the sovereign's grandson, but only if his parents decide to accept it.

The uncertainties are many but Harry said he was sure about one thing: he doesn't want to have more than two children. In the course of his first interview with Oprah he had in fact declared: "We will have a boy and then a girl … What more can you ask for?". Meghan also shares the same opinion: “We have the four of us, we have our two dogs. We're okay ”.

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