"Harry sad, he wants to divorce Meghan Markle". The friend reveals the whole truth

Meghan Markle, Harry è intrappolato: i segnali che lo rivelano

"Harry sad, he wants to divorce Meghan Markle". The friend of the prince clarifies what is happening

At the home of Meghan Markle and Harry: inside the 11.2 million dollar super-luxury villa

"Harry is sad in America and would like to divorce Meghan Markle." Tom Bradby, friend of Diana's second son, sheds light on what is happening to the Sussexes. There have been rumors for months now that the prince would not be happy in California. Some sources describe him as "crushed by Meghan", "lonely and sad". His mood would be black and he would miss London where he left all his loved ones. The move would have exacerbated not only relations with Kate Middleton and William, but would also have deteriorated the bond with Markle, so much so that the couple would have long been in crisis and Harry would have even thought about divorce.

To deny the gossip, Tom Bradby, a well-known journalist and friend of Sussex, has thought about it in these hours. Host of Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airing on ITV, Tom said the couple, contrary to what many claim, would finally be happy. In 2019 he was the one who shot the documentary in Africa which, for the first time, had highlighted the difficulties faced by Meghan and Harry, tired of the pressures received from the press. "I think Harry and Meghan are happy over there," he said. Both are excited about the projects they are undertaking. Of course, he will be saddened by the issue that arose within his family after the Megxit ".

During the couple's trip to Africa, a few years ago, Tom had grasped Meghan Markle's suffering, gathering his outlet and giving away the first step towards Megxit. "I was there to resume their commitment, but I realized they weren't doing great – he recalled -. So I asked Meghan how her senior year was, if she was okay, and everything else was born from there "

"I think the whole thing is really painful and has hurt the feelings of many – said the journalist -. Furthermore, this is not a family like any other: they have a public role of responsibility, tensions also generate other problems and are not easy to dissolve ”. The couple's friend added that soon, however, there could be a rapprochement with the Royal Family. The Sussexes in fact intend to fly to London to participate in various events, including Philip's birthday (who turns 100) and the inauguration of a statue dedicated to Lady Diana.

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