Harry, secret talks with the Queen. "Couldn't stay anymore"

Harry, secret talks with the Queen. "Couldn't stay anymore"

Harry was able to speak privately with Queen Elizabeth at least twice. But he could no longer stay in England. "He is happy to be back from Meghan"

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Harry and Queen Elizabeth had private talks. But eventually the Prince returned to California, to Meghan Markle, the day before Her Majesty's 95th birthday, because he could no longer stay in Britain. As reported by some sources close to the Palazzo.

As is known, Harry had asked for an official summit with the Queen (who turned 95 on 21 April), Carlo and William to discuss his situation and take stock of the accusations, including racism, that he and Meghan have addressed Royal Family in the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Elizabeth refused to take part in this summit, because "she was not in the mood" after the funeral of her husband Philip. However, as the Daily Mail reports, he actually had private interviews with Harry, or rather more than one. To reveal it is Omid Scobie, friend of Meghan and author of the Sussex biography, Finding Freedom, who specified: "Harry met privately with the Queen at least twice". As well as speaking to William and Carlo after the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. Crucial in this case was the role of Kate Middleton, ever closer to Elizabeth, helping the two brothers to break the ice.

Scobie then said: "The love and respect that Harry has for his grandmother will always be unshakable. This trip was meant to honor his grandfather's life, support his grandmother and relatives. It was a family-focused moment. Saturday broke the ice for future conversations, but the outstanding issues weren't addressed for long. The family simply put their problems aside to focus on what mattered ”.

Although there is no official confirmation, Scobie continues, Harry is expected to return to London in July for the unveiling of the statue of Lady Diana at Kensington Palace. In fact, the Prince returned home with nothing in his hand, but in fact he paved the way for further talks. The thaw period has begun.

Meanwhile, many have wondered why Harry left exactly 24 hours before his grandmother's birthday. Couldn't he have stayed in England one more day? "Harry couldn't wait," a source tells US Weekly. "Harry wanted to go back to his wife Meghan who is pregnant and his son Archie." Even though he was only a few days in England, the Prince was looking forward to returning to California, to his extra-luxury villa in Montecito. "Harry is happy to be back"

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