Harry takes advantage of Meghan Markle: he will never return to London to the Queen

Harry takes advantage of Meghan Markle: he will never return to London to the Queen

Harry could use Meghan Markle's pregnancy to never return to London. He does not want to face the Royal Family after the cold reception

Meghan Markle, the second pregnancy

Meghan Markle traps Harry or will Harry exploit Meghan? The Prince will use Lady Markle's second pregnancy to never return to London next July, after the "cold" welcome that some members of the Royal Family gave him during Prince Philip's funeral.

A question that many British experts on the Monarchy have asked themselves, including the journalist Russell Myers, always at the forefront of the affairs of Buckingham Palace. According to the reporter, Harry's presence in London for the inauguration of the statue of Lady Diana in Kensington Palace, scheduled for next July, is seriously compromised.

The second son of Charles and Diana should show up again in England, after returning to attend the last farewell of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. Just this brief interlude of a few days would have put his summer return at risk. The reason? The cold welcome he received from his family. Harry, having returned to Meghan Markle and Archie, would have complained about the detachment with which he was treated.

According to reports from the Daily Mail and other British media, the Prince had two informal meetings with Queen Elizabeth and spoke in person with Charles and William after Philip's funeral. The two brothers, in addition to a telephone conversation, had also exchanged a few words during the funeral procession, thanks to the intervention of Kate Middleton. All facts that seemed to be signs of a thaw.

But evidently the inability to organize a formal summit with Her Majesty and the other senior members of the Court angered Harry who even left a day before his grandmother Elizabeth's 95th birthday. Moreover, in his short stay in England, the Prince did not have any fraternal and disinterested contact with his brother, uncles or cousins, he did not even meet his nephews George, Charlotte and Louis.

In short, the tensions between the Sussex and the Royal Family are far from being resolved. And according to Russell Myers, Harry could miss the July appointment at Kensington Palace, even if it is to honor the memory of his mother Diana. He could therefore decide to stay in Los Angeles and present Meghan's advanced pregnancy as an excuse, which in early July would be very close to giving birth.

In short, the Prince would be willing to give up the inauguration of the statue of Diana on July 1st, "so as not to have to face the Royal Family once again". Myers said: “I think the next few months will be crucial. The cold welcome Harry received from a part of his family shocked him a little. "

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