Harry takes refuge from Eugenia and avoids William as he awaits the funeral

Harry takes refuge from Eugenia and avoids William as he awaits the funeral

Harry returns to London, but gives up Nottingham Cottage to take refuge near his cousin Eugenia at Frogmore Cottage

Farewell to Prince Philip: difficult childhood, love for the Queen and grandchildren

These are very difficult times for the Royal Family, which is organizing the funeral of Prince Philip to allow all his loved ones to be able to pay homage to him with a last farewell, while respecting the rules dictated by the current health emergency. And among them there will also be Harry, who will have to deal with his past.

Harry, after learning of the death of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, immediately flew back to London, leaving his wife Meghan Markle, pregnant with their second child, in California. A return, however, not easy at all, not only because of the painful event, but also because of the broken relations with the rest of the family. And it is perhaps for this reason that he decided to take refuge with his cousin Eugenia of York, carefully avoiding his brother William until the funeral.

Before he can meet other people, Harry must undergo five days of preventive quarantine. It was initially thought that he would spend it in his old apartment, Nottingham Cottage, which is located inside Kensington Palace, where William and Kate Middleton reside with their three children. However, the Duke of Sussex seems to have changed his mind, preferring Frogmore Cottage, within the Windsor estate, where Princess Eugenie, her husband Jack Brooksbank and son August Philip currently live and where Prince Philip's funeral will be held.

Probably, therefore, Eugenia will be the first to meet Harry, and not William. The two have always gotten along extremely well and it is the cousin who was the first to have heard of the Prince's acquaintance with Meghan. Since that day, however, things have quickly and radically changed.

After the interview given by the Dukes of Sussex to Oprah Winfrey, Harry's position has become very uncomfortable. Furthermore, after saying goodbye to the Royal Family to move to the United States of America, the Prince has also given up the role of senior member. And this will be evident during the funeral: if Prince Charles and William can greet the coffin of the Duke of Edinburgh with the military salute, Harry will have to give up this important gesture since he has lost all honorary military titles.

In short, Harry's attendance at Prince Philip's funeral will show the world how his position has changed since he relinquished the role of senior member. However, however, it could be a good opportunity to find a meeting point with his family and definitively put an end to what has become a real feud within the Royal Family.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, William and Kate will be present at the ceremony. In addition, all the other children of the Duke of Edinburgh will be able to take part in the funeral with their spouses: Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Grandchildren and other family members, such as the children of the late Princess Margaret, are also allowed to enter.

In short, on this sad occasion, Prince Harry will come face to face with all the members of his family, many of whom are deeply disappointed by his actions. By sharing the painful moment with them, will he be able to find a starting point for achieving peace?

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