Harry wanted to leave the royals at 20 and admits: "I did it for my children"

Harry wanted to leave the royals at 20 and admits: "I did it for my children"

The Duke of Sussex returns to the subject of farewell to the Royal House and tells some unpublished details

Harry at Vax Live without Meghan Markle. On stage J.Lo and Selena Gomez

Prince Harry as we've never heard of him. And yes, because a few months after the decision to leave the Royal House, Carlo's second son decided to reveal a few more details about his choice to lead a different life than the one that genetics had reserved for him, leaving England forever.

The opportunity to talk about himself was granted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman for the Armchair Expert podcast, in which the Duke of Sussex explained all the steps taken before arriving at the drastic choice of leaving the family to try to walk alone, albeit tied to its origins that it cannot and must not deny.

Harry said he made the decision to leave his family at the age of 20: “I was 20 and I thought I didn't want this task, didn't want to be here and didn't want to do this. Look what happened to my mother. How could I settle down, have a wife and family if I already knew it could happen again? I know well behind the scenes and how it works. And I decided not to be part of it ”.

This awareness became granite after a period spent in therapy, in which the "bubble burst" that made him take the definitive path of farewell to royalty. His position is therefore absolute and his wife Meghan seems to have nothing to do with it: "I talked to her and she immediately noticed that I was suffering, that some things were out of my control. This made me very angry ”.

And he adds:

“I got my head out of the sand, I shook it all off. I said to myself: 'Ok, you are in this position of privilege, stop complaining or stop thinking you want something different, make it different, because you can't get out of it. "

The first thought was for his mother, Princess Diana. Her wish is that she always be proud of him. Harry often felt disarmed from a very young age: “I felt helpless in three moments in my life: when my mother was being chased by photographers, when I was in Afghanistan and when I saw my wife suffer. It hurt me a lot. I decided that it was time to put things right and that it was time to make myself heard ”.

And about his parents, he specifies:

“There are no faults, but I wanted to make sure I break this cycle of suffering and not pass it on to my children. I did it for them, because we parents should do our best so that everything we suffered for does not happen again ".

The destination of his new family was not planned, but it was the natural order of things that brought him to the United States: “Now I have moved my whole family to the United States but that was not the plan. But sometimes you have to make decisions and put your family and mental health first and your mental health first. What I did was of great help to me ”.

Harry also recalled his first meeting with his wife, which took place incognito in a London supermarket: "The first time Meghan and I met we were in a London supermarket, pretending not to know each other, texting us from one side to the other. other of the lanes. I was wearing a baseball cap, I was looking at the floor, trying to remain incognito ”.

In short, it seems that there is still a lot to say about the story concerning Harry and Meghan who, in recent years, has taken much of the responsibility for having chosen to leave the Royal Family.

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