Hats what a passion! Which ones to choose and when to show them off in the fall

Many like hats but few really know how to wear them. While, unlike men, you can keep them inside the premises, there are situations where it is good to leave them at home. Let’s find out the must-have models of the moment and how to wear them.

Different in shape, fabric, colors, hats go far beyond the function of covering the head, they are an embellishment that says a lot about us and that should perfectly match the outfit we are wearing. However, they should be removed when you sit at the table, at the cinema, at the theater or at a friend’s house. You could make an exception for the small models but basically it is good to follow the general indication to make a good impression.

Autumn hats when to put them 6-11-22

Source: Canva.

There is a bon-ton to the hat and it is very easy to follow. Let’s see the most desired autumn brands, when to put them and when not.

Warm, soft and colorful: the best hats fall – winter 2022

With regard to suede boots we have learned that errors are widespread but with the hat they are transversal in the female universe as in the male one. The most feared by drivers is to be near a car (front, back or side) with someone at the wheel with a hat on. Comments are superfluous and ninety-nine percent of the time they are totally impeded. in the car, in fact, even for etiquette, the hat should always be removed and placed on the passenger seat or in the rear seats.

Classic Panama hat 6-11-22

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At weddings, the bride’s mother will decide when you invite them to take off their hats, always and in any case after her. If the ceremony was in the afternoon it is better to find an alternative because they should never be worn after sunset. But if we walk around the city at seven in the evening and have our favorite bucket hat firmly on our head, no problem, quite the contrary. The above rule only applies to certain occasions.

Here is one of the most lively and glamorous Italian proposals Rooster who has created a truly irresistible hat in solid color wool felt between strawberry and cherry pink. The blue band with side bow will then go to resume our blouse or jeans that we will put on. Better for the day than the evening. Discounted by 30%, it costs 45.50 euros.

Black structured hat 6-11-22.

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The Fedora hat by Asos Design (€ 19.99) is inspired by one of Borsalino’s well-known continuous lines and is super in demand. Dome with deep groove, wide brim and deep black color, it has a grosgrain decoration and is entirely in felt. In indecision, this is a great place to start.

With little expense, decision and diligence in sticking to the elegance of manners that distinguishes a classy woman from the others, let’s get ready to make a great impression!

Silvia Zanchi