"Have a good trip in the sweet Luna light": Elisa's touching farewell


Elisa publishes a post to say goodbye to Luna Di Benedetto, the 15-year-old who died in an accident, who had participated in a video clip. "There are no words to fill the pain"

Luna di Benedetto was a wonderful 15 year old with dance in her blood and a special light in her eyes.

She died at 15, invested while on a scooter with a friend on Sunday 14 June 2020. Leaving in despair her mother, dad, a twin sister, two little brothers and all those who had been lucky enough to know her and love her. Her friends danced for her at the funeral, the whole community remembers her as a special, sunny, bright girl.

Elisa also remembers her, with a nice post on her Instagram account. Because Luna had taken part in the video clip of her song "Burn for you". And really, as Elisa writes, there are no words to fill such a great pain.

I express my closeness to Luna's family and friends, when I met her she was still a child, but she had a magnetic light and we chose her to participate in the video clip of Burn for You.

There are no words to fill the pain caused by a young life that breaks.

Have a good journey in the eternal Light, sweet Moon, rest in peace.

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