Have you always wondered how to spice up a relationship? That’s how!

la regola della lingerie

The lingerie rule is one of the ways you can spice up your relationship – do you know her? If the answer is no, we will reveal it to you!

Let’s face it: how many pieces or items of real lingerie you own?

the rule of lingerie

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The underwear, in fact, is something from truly important. It is necessary to have it of good quality, in order to avoid problems in the most important parts, of course.
But there is a rule that has to do with that see with intimate that can truly change your life. What do you say, do we want to discover it together?

The lingerie rule: here’s what it is and why you should put it into practice

Let’s talk about lingerie: believe it or not it’s time!

lingerie rule

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It does not matter whether it is the one you have in the closet you bought and never put or the one you just saw in one shop window of a shop.
Today we want to reveal what the rule of lingerie: we’re sure you don’t know her!

When it comes to intimacy, in fact, it is easy to lose contact with your body and with that of your partner.
It takes nothing to give the relationships boringroutine and particularly … free of “spicy”!
Nothing wrong with that: life doesn’t have to be a continuous adult movie and, therefore, there is no need to always be at the peak of sensuality!

If, however, you’ve decided it’s time to try re-enter “in roadway“, This is the article for you. (Although it’s not the only one: after all, we already gave you here are three tricks to try to learn how to feel sexy!).
Today we want to talk about the lingerie rule: did you already know it?

What is the lingerie rule

Think about the head from lingerie more sensual you have in the closet.
(Small note: if you can’t think of the most sensual garment you have in the closet, it’s time to go out and buy one).

Well, now that you have the lingerie in question in mind, we tell you what is the rule of lingerie.
Instead of wearing the garment … you have to make him wear to your partner!
We know what this rule or advice sounds like but trust us. The idea is to simply subvert your everyday life: you don’t have to do anything strange (unless you want to, of course)!
Wear the piece from lingerie more sensual that you ever bought your partner solves two problems.

  • the first is boredom: you are doing something strange and surprising. Long last!
    With the rule of lingerie you can give yourself a “refresh” both as a couple and as individuals.
    Along with a good dose of laughter, however, changing everything in your relationship at least for a little or just in regards to the [email protected] element is optimal!
    You can ask your partner to wear your lingerie all day, under normal clothes, or just when you are home just before making love.
    The idea is to have fun and do something “silly” but funny and sensual at the same time.
  • the second is the “masculine” gaze: often, perhaps, you have not bought the right lingerie for you. The reason? You wanted to please your partner and, therefore, you bought a piece that would suit you and please him. In this case, you will be the one to appreciate “the show”!
    That’s why the lingerie rule is able to put you and him on the same level. Now you can choose the lingerie you like both to see and to wear: apart from the size, then, the important thing is to choose a piece that is comfortable enough or that is unimportant enough to be able to break it if necessary.
    Remember: the important thing is to have fun!

When to try it

But when you want!
No, let’s joke: obviously this lingerie rule, as we told you above, is a thing to do together to have fun.
This is not to say that you shouldn’t ask for the consent to your partner: here we have explained to you why it is important and how to do it.

In this case, particularly, you must both be convinced of what you are doing.
Take her to laugh but remember that, in the end, this rule is to make you make more love!
That’s why you can choose when to do this “exchange” from lingerie.
In the morning, before going to work? In the evening, just back? Just before [email protected]?
You make the rules: are you ready to switch roles?

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