Have you ever cleaned your house with the lid method? It is revolutionary, you will always clean like this

Cleaning the house with the lid method is a more than innovative choice, it is a full-blown revolution! Fast, effective and practical, here’s how.

First of all, you have to accept the fact that the cleaning they must be done, even if sometimes it can be really boring. With the technique we are about to present to you, the hygiene of your home will not only be flawless, but you will also be dealing with a method that makes your life easier! Knowing from the start that you will have to clean the house quickly and comfortably makes daily activities less heavy, but above all to the maximum of satisfaction!

cleaning house with the lid method

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One day would not be enough to clean the house from top to bottom, because dust, smog, bacteria and much more end up fueling the daily dirt. This does not mean that you are not a careful cleaning person, quite the contrary. The point is, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially having gods methods who can help us, is far better.

Indeed, the solution of the lid method it is not used to clean any corner of the house, but it is useful to complete just that task that more bores you, unnerves you and in most cases turns out to be slow. Despite this, you know very well that it is the one with the greatest importance!

Cleaning this part of the house is not only necessary for cleaning purposes, but also for yours health. Do you want to be at peace with daily tasks and at the same time live in well-being? Find out what it is, you just need three gestures, and that’s it!

House cleaning, the lid method in a few steps!

Returning to us, we have reiterated to you several times how practical the solution of the day is, but we have also made known to you how much it is economic? You won’t have to buy anything new, neither for tools nor for products. First of all because at least one cover from the pot you should have it, and even the products we are about to tell you are 100% effective.

here's how to do the lid cleaning method at home

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You know what you’re going to clean up with this foolproof method? Precisely that area of ​​the house it bears more discomfort, because it causes allergies, colds and burns in the eyes and head. Well yes, we are really talking about mattresses and sofas!

This technique not only will it be effective from the point of view of cleaning, but it will also be practical and fast, no fabric will waste your time anymore!

How will you have to do? First, get a large plastic basin and more than a microfiber cloth. Put a part of very hot water in the container and melt some flakes of Marseille soap. This product is not only cheap, but it is the most sanitizing and delicate at the same time!

There is nothing better than applying this product for cleaning your mattresses. First it always suits you dust them, and then you go on with this infallible action. After the soap has dissolved, dip the cloth in it well, it will need to be soaked in the mixture.

You squeeze it so it’s not soaked, and wrap the lid around it. I recommend, opt for the microfiber cloth because it is ideal since it is delicate and its cleaning action is effective. Also, it must be larger than the lid.

Finally, that’s enough for you wipe with the cloth wrapped in the lid throughout the surface of the mattresses and the sofa, and any other area that could be attacked by dust mites and more.

Waking up in health it is essential to face the day. If sleep is not restorative even in the afternoon nap, then you can’t help it: fight the mites, your shield against them is safe this way!