Have you ever tried the plumber position? Here’s how it’s done

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We know that the word “plumber” immediately makes you think of an adult movie cliché. The plumber’s position, however, is truly fantastic: we reveal here how to recreate it and why you should do it!

You have probably already heard jokes to profusion whenever you needed to call the plumber.

position of the plumber

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

We all know, in fact, that in a certain type of adult film it is this type of worker who always ends up getting “paid in kind”.
That’s why the word plumber always comes (or almost) seasoned from giggles And double meanings even when it has nothing sensual at all!
Today, however, we will give you a reason to think about your plumber in a different way: ready to try “his” position?

The position of the plumber: how to do it and why it is worth trying

What do you say, you think you’re ready for position of the plumber?

position of the plumber

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Today we decided to let you feel the thrill of being … well, a real plumber.
This position, in fact, is so called because whoever practices it looks like a plumber looking under the sink.
Intriguing, isn’t it?

To begin, let’s start with the basics: this position is one position reserved for oral [email protected] and, therefore, does not provide for penetration.
This means that it is good for any type of couple and that, moreover, it can also be easily tested by both him and her.
Just remember to put the dungarees from jeans before starting!

Ok but now let’s get down to business.
We have seen many positions with absurd names (just to name a few, the position of the triceratops or that of the pinball machine can be considered really interesting). That of the plumber, then, how do you do it?

Let’s get into position

There are two ways to try the position of the plumber.
The first foresees that whoever will be the “plumber” gets on all fours on the ground, placing his knees and hands on the ground.
The receiving partner, therefore, will have to make one nice squat deep (perhaps holding on to the edge of a table or sofa) to position yourself in front of the plumber.
In short: to become a real “sink”!

The second way to put yourself in the plumber’s position is to have the plumber lie down on the ground, just like a hydraulic lying under a sink.
At this point the other partner, the “sink“, You can kneel close to your partner’s face, placing your pubis at the level of his face.
Here: you have tried both locations of the plumber. Which one did you like the most?

Obviously there is some consideration to be made before letting yourself go do plumbers around!
First, keep in mind that this pose is made for people who have great stamina in their legs.
Yes, because while doing the “sink” you will have to maintain a fairly firm position, firm on your legs.
Try it for more than a minute and then let us know how you feel!
Of course, you can also try to make some kind of changes to the position of the plumber to be as comfortable as possible!

When possible, for example, lean there back to the Wallso you can distribute the weight of the squat even against the flat surface behind you.
Or, have the edge of a table or sofa in front of you to lean on while your partner gets busy.
For the rest? Relax and enjoy: the position of the plumber it is perfect for having a few laughs as well as… well, to get to the conclusion!

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