Having perfect skin by stopping to treat it: the philosophy of Skin Fasting

skin fasting

To have perfect skin, paradoxically, the secret is to stop taking care of it: it seems madness, but it is the philosophy of Skin Fasting.

If you’ve used face creams, serums, gels in your life, here’s some news that might not be great for you: have beautiful skin, you should stop doing it. But not forever, mind you.

skin fasting

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It’s called Skin Fasting – literally skin fasting – and it’s a philosophy born in 2019, of which, however, too little is still known.

Born in Japan – but landed in most of the globe – this consists in a skin detox.

What is it about? Of heal oneself by ceasing to heal oneself. In other words, the skin, if not subjected to the action of skin care products, should begin to help itself. This would mean less costs and better results.

In practice, the forced stop from the beauty routine would become the beauty routine itself. But why should this method do well? Here’s everything you need to know about Skin Fasting.

Skin Fasting: when to stop taking care of your skin is the real cure

Where does Skin Fasting come from? The basic assumption is very simple: if we do nothing for our skin, the epidermal microbiome will begin to rebuild itself.

skin fasting

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This means that the appearance of our dermis will improve without our help, indeed with our “indirect” help.

All of us women have dozens and dozens of products at our disposal, even very different from each other, which promise to make our skin radiant, free of acne first and then wrinkles, compact and so on and so forth.

But, after years of use, a detox period could do you well. This is because you layer too many products on your face it could cure the problems we have, but raise others.

For example, using too many products together in the long run it could cause late acne, dermatitis and so on.

The the problem therefore seems to be above all the set of products we use and most importantly, the extended period of time. Many of us, in fact, tend to use a lot of products all year round non-stop and this may not do well in the long run.

Let’s clarify one thing immediately: we should in any case choose products formulated according to European regulations, because in this way we are sure not to use those containing banned substances and, therefore, potentially harmful to our health.

This is already a first step to avoid problems in the long run. The second is to rely on brands that use few active ingredients in their formulation, since the rule of less is more often applies in cosmetics.

But how exactly to do Skin Fasting? Translating the concept of intermittent fasting (typical of the diet) in cosmetics.

In short, it is not that we have to stop taking care of ourselves completely or forever, we have to do it for a limited period of time and not 100%.

There are some steps that we cannot do without. The first is cleansing, which is usually the first thing we do in the morning.

This is a step that we cannot give up, because we need it to eliminate make-up, impurities and smog from our face and, consequently, to make it appear brighter.

Not preserving the skin, in fact, could lead to the appearance of premature wrinkles, imperfections, blackheads.

Likewise, we cannot say goodbye – not even for short periods – to hydration. Yes to creams, serums and moisturizing products to be applied to the face and neck.

This, in fact, is a fundamental step to make our skin always look young, compact and toned.

In the same way, we cannot do without sun protection. We know that our face is continuously exposed to UV rays which damage it in the long run and can even make it age prematurely. Never go out without then.

And then there are some active ingredients that we must always have at hand. These are hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

The first needs no introduction: it is the top of anti-aging products, it makes our skin radiant to the maximum, smoothes it, rejuvenates our face.

Equally well known is the second active ingredient, which is a natural antioxidant and which also prevents the formation of unsightly spots.

The secret would be use a single product that contains multiple properties. For example, we could choose a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid, sunscreen and vitamin C inside.

Of what can we do without? Of the retinol, for example, despite its anti-aging action which makes it capable of significantly attenuating sun damage, dark spots and wrinkles.

Like this like scrubs, or peeling, in short, everything we usually use to exfoliate and, therefore, to eliminate dead cells and promote the formation of renewed ones.

If you want to know the difference between these two methods, here is our guide.

Let’s get to the main point: how can we understand that Is it time to embrace the Skin Fasting philosophy?

When we know of having used too many products at the same time for a very long period of time.

Those who use few products in general are safe from risks, so they can continue their daily skin care normally for as long as they want.

Obviously – but it seems almost useless to specify it – it would always be better to rely on a dermatologist, who can tell us which products are right for us and how to solve any problems we have related to the skin.

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