Hawthorn and birch: natural remedies against high blood pressure

High blood pressure: causes, consequences and how to intervene. The specialist's advice

Birch and hawthorn thanks to their natural properties have always been used to keep high blood pressure under control

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High blood pressure can be effectively counteracted thanks to natural remedies, in particular through infusions based on birch or hawthorn.

What is it about?
Blood pressure measures the ratio between the amount of blood that the heart pumps per minute and arterial resistance, which is the pressure exerted by the artery walls on the bloodstream.
The value is not constant, it changes according to the needs and the efforts that the body makes during the day. If it is too high even in a resting situation, it can indicate a pathological state, hypertension, which must be monitored and kept under control. The values ​​are too high when the maximum is higher than 149 mm / Hg while the minimum is more of 90 mm / Hg. In fact, the normal values ​​are generally around 120 mm / Hg and 80 mm / Hg.

The causes of this condition may be different, so therapy may also vary. Since it has no specific symptoms, it is also very difficult to diagnose, it is usually detected by taking a measurement during other checks.

As for the treatments, in addition to the pharmacological therapy prescribed by the doctor, it is sufficient to observe the normal precautions for a healthy lifestyle, with a regular physical activity and a limited use of alcohol and smoke. The consumption of sodium-rich foods should be reduced while those containing potassium should be preferred.

To counteract this condition you can also use natural herbal remedies, which uses plants or extracts.

Plants have always been used in medicine and represent the basis of the development of modern pharmacology, as announced by the Italian Society of Phytotherapy (Si FIT)
For this pathology the use of hawthorn leaves and flowers (Crataegus Oxyacantha) is particularly indicated, which have hypotensive and relaxing properties and act by dilating the muscles of the blood vessels.

This plant has always been used, in fact, for the regulation of cardiac activity. It is also rich in flavonoids, natural anxiolytics, able to reduce states of anxiety, agitation and insomnia. Therefore it allows to regulate especially the hypertension due to hyperactivity of the nervous system.

The procedure involves the use of dried leaves and flowers to prepare herbal teas to be taken once or twice a day or mother tincture in drops, both available in herbal medicine.

Also birch leaves (Betula Pendula) contain flavonoids, in addition to diuretic and purifying properties that help to eliminate all substances harmful to the body. For this reason, they help reduce bad cholesterol and fight hypertension, as well as being effective against water retention.
There are commercially available mother tinctures, extracts and herbal teas, to be drunk twice a day.

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