He is 30 years old and adopts only old dogs, those that nobody wants

He is 30 years old and adopts only old dogs, those that nobody wants

Courageous acts of love to give special moments to less fortunate dogs

Debora Rizzo is a girl like many others but with an extraordinary talent: that of having a great heart and an unusual mission, adopting elderly, sick dogs with little time in front, to give them a last happy period of life.

It all started with Nike, a sick 14-year-old bitch: after only one month of adoption she died but Debora was not discouraged, on the contrary, she felt happy for having given a special moment to that little dog that has always been closed in a kennel.

It is with the second adoption that for Debora it was a real epiphany: the meeting with Nonno Lupo, a 20 year old dog who had all gone into a kennel that no longer had the strength to withstand even old age behind cold bars.

Nonno Lupo taught her so much: the joy of slowness, of little things, of amazement, of discovery. For a dog that for 20 long years has seen nothing but the kennel everything is new and Deborah, feeling a deep connection with him, has understood the true essence of what she does: she gives the wonder of wonder in the eyes of her dogs and unforgettable moments for those who have never had the chance to live them.

Nonno Lupo taught her to enjoy a sunset, to stop during a walk to breathe the good air, to be amazed by a cloud with a strange shape. In short, the help that Debora gives these dogs is immeasurable but what comes back to them is really precious.

The kennels are, unfortunately, more and more full and there are many elderly animals that are rejected because they are "too old". Our desire to have a puppy and the selfishness of not wanting to see a sick or elderly dog ​​suffer means that, behind those bars, some dogs remain a whole life without ever seeing anything besides the fence of the structure and that one piece of sky above him.

Deborah's mission is courageous: we are not all willing to face the suffering of an animal that, as we know, will not last forever. We always hope that our four-legged friends grow old happy and healthy, but it takes a true act of love to accept their life as it has been until now and try to improve it on tiptoe.

The first swim in the sea, the first ride in a pristine place, taste a delicious food never tried before: these are just some of the small but great things we can give to a dog that has had an unlucky life.

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