He is the son of one of the most beloved conductors: today he turns 12 and is identical to his father

The (very sweet) greetings of Elisabetta Gregoraci to her son Nathan Falco who is celebrating his birthday

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the cuissard boots that only she can wear like this

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the cuissard boots that only she can wear like this

Mother’s heart cannot be controlled, and then – even if the children grow up and the demonstrations of affection may be embarrassing – the words that come from the heart cannot be stopped.

So one of the most loved conductors, Elisabetta Gregoraci, wrote a deep and affectionate dedication for Nathan who turns 12 today. Only child for the showgirl, had with ex-husband Flavio Briatore, is identical to his father.

The similarity emerges in the roundup of photos that Elisabetta shared on her Instagram profile in which she is seen together with Nathan in many moments, mother and son, shared together.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, dedicates it to her son

Many shots full of life, which tell of a special relationship between mother and child, but also of love, affection and sharing. There is Nathan piccolo, there are them with the sea, there are the sandwiches enjoyed together, the sport, the hugs and the TV broadcasts: there is a lot, not everything of course, but from these photos there is a deep bond.

Elisabetta Gregoraci also wanted to entrust to social networks special thoughts dedicated to Nathan on the occasion of his 12 years. A long post on her Instagram profile written with the heart and from which it emerges how the birth of a child changes life forever.

“Happy birthday my life … – wrote the presenter -. Since you came into the world on March 18th 12 years ago… my life has changed: you have made me a better person, a Mother. Every day and every time I hug you, I thank God for the magnificent gift he has given me. You are My Love, the only undisputed Love of my life my everything … and this will never change. “

Then Elisabetta also wanted to add a hint of irony to his words full of love, and concluded the dedication for him like this: “Ps: for my son who is now grown up I should have written only … happy birthday my love, but you know that when I talk about him I get excited. Nathan mom is like that. Nathan Falco Briatore I love you happy birthday ”. Below the post there was no shortage of greetings from friends, relatives and fans to share this day full of emotions.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, Nathan is more and more like his father

And the more you scroll through the photos that Elisabetta Gregoraci shared on the occasion of her son’s 12th birthday, the more it emerges that Nathan Falco is more and more like Flavio Briatore: from the shape of the face to the smile he is the miniature father. Not that there is no lack of similarities with his mother Elisabetta, with whom he shares the Mediterranean colors and the depth of his gaze.

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Nathan: together also on TV

The bond between Elizabeth and her son is very deep, the showgirl always has words full of love for him. So it was also when they were guests together on television in the studios of Verissimo, a show hosted by Silvia Toffanin. On that occasion, among other things, she had revealed that the man in her life is Nathan. And the images also tell it: complicity and affection with both parents, who still remain a family even if they are no longer together: “We spend a lot of time with our son, this is the most important thing”, she concluded.

The Instagram post of Elisabetta Gregoraci

The Instagram post of Elisabetta Gregoraci

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