He is worse than me, Kasia Smutniak conquers with elegance and irony

He is worse than me, Kasia Smutniak conquers with elegance and irony

The actress Kasia Smutniak guest of the first episode of Giallini and Panariello to "He is worse than me", splendid and elegant in a black suit

Kasia Smutniak and vitiligo: "I want to claim my change"

The debut has finally come for the unedited couple formed by Giorgio Panariello and Marco Giallini, who on Thursday 11 February aired on Rai 3 with the first episode of He is worse than me. The show, which had been postponed to make room for a special on TG3 politics, includes four episodes of gags and smiles, but also of monologues and moments of reflection in the company of the many guests present in the studio. Indeed, in the two adjacent studios that the tenants divide, just as it has been happening for a year now to those who, due to the restrictions from Covid, must keep a safe distance.

Far but close, a perfect metaphor for this "strange couple", as defined by Mara Venier who hosted them at Domenica In and as confirmed by Giorgio Panariello himself: "We discovered that we have many things in common, physically and artistically" . The two actors already knew each other before the idea of ​​Him being born is worse than me, indeed it is during one of their direct social networks that they thought that, after all, making a program together would be fun. And so it was.

The show's debut episode got off to a great start and, as anticipated, one of the key guests was model and actress Kasia Smutniak. Cinta in a sober and elegant suit with flared trousers, strictly black, she presented herself to the public in all her femininity, but above all with her – often hidden – irony. He demonstrated it in the curtain with Giallini, first with the memory of the laughter on the set of Perfetti Sconosciuti and then with the playful teasing of Panariello, the leitmotif of the show.

He was the one who touched the most "serious" part of the interview, in which the beautiful Kasia talked about her beginnings, her being a mother and how much she likes being at home as an (almost) perfect housewife. But above all she told a funny anecdote from her youth: “As a girl I was a punkabbestia, always with oversized sweaters,” she said. Some of her schoolmates set her a good trap and, to tease her, they enrolled her without her knowledge in a beauty contest. And despite all expectations, Kasia took second place on the podium.

Big names among the other guests on the show too. The first was the presenter Serena Dandini, followed by the couple Luca and Paolo and a moment of great music (and confessions) in the company of two of the greatest Italian songwriters, Antonello Venditti and Francesco De Gregori. Winning the double interview, Venditti with Panariello in a studio like David Letterman and De Gregori, in the adjacent studio, with Giallini in a more "easy" location. Among the guests of the Panariello living room also the journalist Marco Travaglio who, in an unprecedented singing "sorcino" guise, answered some questions on current events and politics by singing the great hits of Renato Zero, and Marracash, the famous Sicilian rapper from 2019 he is a steady couple with singer Elodie, who we will see in the cast of Celebrity Hunted. His guest is also the actor Edoardo Leo, starring with Giallini in a funny singing duet. The two have been friends for a long time and together they also shared the set of Perfect Strangers.

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