He spends 60 thousand euros on cosmetic surgery: he doesn't want to look like his mother

Star is 30 years old and wanted to erase the past that made her suffer with a series of operations that changed her appearance

Star, a 30 year old from Birmingham (England), has a real obsession with cosmetic surgery. She has come to spend 60 thousand euros for a specific purpose: she doesn't want to look like her mother. She wanted to erase a past of suffering with these interventions and even changed her name: once she was called Stacey.

Star has been completely alone in the world since the age of 17, since her mother kicked her out of the house, as she herself says:

She kicked me out of my home when I was 17 and I was forced to take up a permanent residence in a hostel.

Since then she has not wanted to have anything to do with her family of origin, not even in appearance as she said on the English show Body Freaks:

My father always said that my mother and I were the same. I didn't want to look like her anymore, I detested her and keep doing it. When I was alone, I felt so much hatred towards her that I couldn't look in the mirror: we were too similar.

Thus began the aesthetic interventions. Star had her breast, nose, cheeks, lips rebuilt:

I have lost count of everything I have done to get my current image. But it was worth it: my old face represented the past and the sufferings. Now I'm happy to look in the mirror and not recognize myself.

Star has not regretted the operations it has undergone, although not all of them have achieved the desired result. When she got her nose something went wrong and now she breathes badly. But she doesn't regret anything:

When I jog, I often literally go freediving. But I don't care: as long as my nose is beautiful on the outside, I endure everything.

And it's not over here. In fact, the girl is ready to end up under the knife another time:

I will have a chin prosthesis installed soon: I don't like it the way it is. And then other liposuctions and another breast surgery.

Sham, her boyfriend, hopes that Star will soon end this obsession:

She was a beautiful woman and still is. I know she uses surgery to feel better about herself, but she shouldn't: she is perfect as she is.

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