Headache: causes, symptoms, new treatments

Headache: causes, symptoms, new treatments

The headache can be debilitating: here are the causes of the problem and the therapies to fight it

Headache is one of the most common disorders, but few know the causes and are informed about new treatments.

Depending on the symptoms, the headache can be of different types. First of all we find migraine, characterized by a continuous pain that affects only one area of ​​the head and can last several hours. The cluster headache, on the other hand, is less widespread and is characterized by very strong pain involving the eyes and the forehead. Finally, let's not forget the tension-type headache in which the discomfort affects the whole skull and is perceived as the classic "circle to the head".

What are the causes of headaches? Although this pathology has been studied extensively, to date no single cause has been identified for everyone. Often the cause of pain is a wrong lifestyle, where stress, anxiety, tension and poor nutrition converge, but also smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

The triggering factors can also be cervical problems, wrong posture, chewing or excessive sporting activity. All these elements affect the nerve endings, causing pain. If not treated properly, headaches can be debilitating. In the most serious forms, in fact, the typical annoyance is accompanied by high sensitivity to noise and light, sudden changes in pressure, nausea, dizziness and tachycardia.

Over the years, numerous cures for headaches have been developed. For the more sporadic cases an analgesic is usually prescribed, which acts quickly eliminating pain. However, when the headache is chronic it is necessary to start a course of therapy, also consulting a specialist doctor. First of all it is important to eliminate the factors that cause the problem – for example the lifestyle – afterwards you can opt for various types of care, ranging from acupuncture to botulinum toxin, which is administered every 3-4 months with an injection.

Recently, new treatments have also been tested, based on monoclonal antibodies, which act directly on the protein responsible for migraine, blocking it.

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