Headbands & co: tell me what you wear in your hair and I'll tell you who you are

Headbands & co: tell me what you wear in your hair and I'll tell you who you are

Headbands, headbands, scarves: here are the coolest trends to wear in your hair this spring!

Wearing something in my hair is a habit that I really like, perhaps because I first wear headbands very little, in favor of practical pony tails, but often a bit monotonous, I admit! Luckily for this spring we have a lot of beautiful ideas to inspire us, each more glamorous than the other. Let's see some of them together.

Headbands trend: subtle but visible

Thin yes, but gold, silver, glitter, chain (like this one below by Chanel): the important thing is that it can be seen. The headband is really a habit, so it is not used to pull up the hair or to collect or hold it: it serves more than anything else to decorate the head and the face and then wear it nonchalantly, as if it were there by chance.

chanel headband

Headbands trend: for those who wear them less, there is the foulard

For those who wear headbands less, but still want to wear something colorful to brighten their face, a great solution is the scarf. There are a thousand ways to wear it and you can indulge yourself with colors, choosing those that come close to your color palette and that will help you to highlight your complexion, especially if you wear it so that it partially covers your forehead.


Headbands trend: in fabric and with knot

If you like the idea of ​​the scarf, but find it hard to wear it, an excellent solution are the headbands covered with fabric, which now have a small built-in knot, as if you were wearing a ribbon in your hair. They are very practical and cute! Here, too, wear it not to stop your hair, but as a habit, then let a few strands fall to the sides of your face.

knot headband

Headbands trend: XXL

Trend started on the Prada catwalk a few seasons ago and apparently destined to last for a while: the XXL headband. Rounded and extra large still goes a long way. I suggest it especially if you have a long or square face, because it will balance and soften the shape.

xxl headband

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