Health oranges: healthy eating against cancer

Arance della Salute: la sana alimentazione contro il cancro

AIRC Health Oranges are back in support of cancer research which remains a global emergency

In February, AIRC's Health Oranges are back with a new format to promote the importance of healthy behaviors in preventing the risk of cancer. The champions Carlotta Ferlito, Margherita Granbassi and Claudio Marchisio will be on the field with 'Health Pills'.

Cancer remains an emergency worldwide, researchers and doctors cannot afford setbacks: in Italy only last year cancer caused more than 25% of total deaths and about 377,000 new diagnoses were registered, more than 1,000 per day. (Source: Cancer numbers in Italy, 2020 by AIRTUM, AIOM, Siapec and Passi).

AIRC Foundation and FIRC invest 125 million 260 thousand euros in 2021 to help approximately 5,190 researchers who are working on the development of methods for increasingly early diagnosis and more effective and targeted treatments for all types of cancer. An extraordinary commitment, possible thanks to the trust of 4.5 million supporters and the contribution of 20 thousand volunteers, which translates into the support of 622 research projects, 71 scholarships, 22 special programs and of IFOM, a center of international excellence in field of molecular oncology.

Jams and honey for research

From 1 February, the Regional Committees and the Foundation's volunteers distribute orange marmalade and orange blossom honey on request, together with the special guide with valuable information on prevention and some healthy and tasty orange-themed recipes signed by the chefs adhering to the Jeunes Restaurateurs of Italy. Even the school world responds "present" to AIRC's appeal, despite the difficulties related to the pandemic. Over 300 School Plexuses have chosen to participate in 'Cancer io ti boccio' (Compatibly with the indications of the DPCM), the project that promotes knowledge about healthy lifestyles and the value of scientific research among pupils and teachers.

Blood oranges against cancer

From Thursday 4 February, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the signs of large-scale distribution and organized distribution will take to the field with blood oranges for research available, until exhaustion, in over 6 thousand points of sale. In the year in which AIRC volunteers will not be able to be in the square due to the pandemic, it will therefore be possible to continue to give strength to research with the blood oranges of the large-scale retail trade.

Carlotta Ferlito, Margherita Granbassi and Claudio Marchisio take the field

Carlotta Ferlito, Margherita Granbassi and Claudio Marchisio are the protagonists of the 'Health Pills' series, a format designed for the web with the aim of promoting some simple tips to keep fit and prevent like champions. Claudio Marchisio provides us with precise indications on what to do to follow a healthy diet, the food we consume can in fact affect our health and be a precious ally.

It is equally important to reduce risk factors such as sedentary lifestyle and obesity: Carlotta Ferlito therefore invites us to be physically active by proposing some activities that we can all do on a daily basis. Finally, Margherita Granbassi reminds us that smoking is the risk factor that has the greatest impact on health and that we should all avoid because it causes 85-90% of lung cancers and is also the cause of many other cancers.

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