Health, well-being and respect for the environment

Health, well-being and respect for the environment

Simple rules to feel good at home and in the office

Doing regular physical activity, not just generically "moving", assuming a correct posture while working at the computer sitting at the desk and sleeping well are all key elements in the recipe for good health. This is discussed in the meeting organized with the contribution of Iren, which participates in SaluTO by organizing its annual "Health Day" meeting on this occasion: an all-digital training talk for its employees, but of general interest, open to all , which therefore enters the SaluTO 2020 program.

"Health in the era of Covid19: good habits for well-being in the office and in smart working", live on the web Friday 25 September at 11:30 – 12:30. Participants Simona BO, associate professor of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Turin, Marco Minetto, associate professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of the same university and Luca Semperboni, surgeon specialist in Sports Medicine.

In particular, often insufficient attention is paid to the quality of sleep. “There are simple rules of behavior – explains Simona Bo – that can improve the duration and quality of sleep. These include nutritional recommendations such as avoiding beverages and foods containing caffeine or alcohol, excessive or high-protein meals in the evening, behavioral rules (avoid tobacco smoking in the evening, do not engage in medium-high intensity exercise before bedtime , do not extend the time spent in bed, limit the duration of daytime "naps" to less than 30 minutes and never after 15:00) and advice on the home environment (remove clocks from the view, choose dark, quiet rooms , with a comfortable temperature) ".

Iren's support for this initiative is part of the wider context of a Prevention and Health Program adopted by the company for its employees and their families: the quality of life is the main objective of the corporate welfare activities, understood as the set of actions aimed at promoting and making people aware of the importance of prevention and a healthy lifestyle in the workplace and in private life. Each year a specific focus is identified among the issues pertaining to well-being on which new initiatives are implemented; in 2019 the “Together for Prevention” project was implemented, in collaboration with Europa Donna, which resulted in a series of awareness-raising measures on female breast cancer and healthy lifestyles.

well-being in the office

Clean energy, environmental respect and sustainability, people's health and well-being are necessary parts of a global development strategy that the recent health emergency has made urgent. But to achieve this goal as soon as possible, correct information and widespread training of people are required.

Health, well-being and respect for the environment

Live web – Friday 25 September 2020 – 11:30 am
This year's edition is only online. Click here to participate in the event.

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