Health: what is blepharitis and what are the most effective remedies

Health: what is blepharitis and what are the most effective remedies

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids that can cause some discomfort if it is not well treated. Let's see together how to get rid of it effortlessly

It can happen to anyone and for various reasons, but blepharitis, however common, can be really annoying. The predominant symptoms are the appearance of crusts, irritation of the eyelid rim (both upper and lower), scales and even ulcers in severe cases. The causes can be manifold and the experts have not yet understood what the decisive triggering event is. Often it happens in conjunction with an allergic event, or due to makeup brushes that are not washed well or often enough. It can be caused by a streptococcal infection or more simply by a side-effect reaction due to drugs. Or it can also be a reaction to nickel in cosmetics.

There are three forms of blepharitis: ulcerative (mostly caused by bacteria), scaly and hyperemic (often mistaken for calazio or orzaiolo, due to the similarity). All blepharitis have a similar beginning: redness of the eyelids, blurred vision, itching and feeling of foreign bodies in the eye. Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied immediately by the formation of crusts and yellow-green secretions (typical of infections), associated with a sticking of the eyelids.

Basically, the first thing to do when these symptoms appear is to seek medical attention. Blepharitis is an inflammation with a tendency to become chronic, therefore it requires careful and long-term care, to ensure that it does not turn into stye or does not lead to the loss of eyelashes. Through a careful anamnesis and the taking of a sample, it will be possible to go back to the type of agent that caused this disorder.

The treatment of blepharitis involves the softening and delicate removal of the formed crusts. In addition to the use of specific lotions to achieve this goal, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic to speed up the healing process and eliminate any germs that may lurk inside the ulcers.

Given the tendency of this disease to relapse, it is good to arm oneself with patience and follow some hygienic rules even after inflammation has been resolved. Wash your hands often and thoroughly, clean the make-up brushes thoroughly with each use. Even the simple tricks we use to relieve congestion can be useful, the important thing is to clean the area very carefully. It will be necessary to have a special eye for the diet: reducing sugars in one's diet and prefer foods rich in omega 3 and good fats will give us a big hand. For more information on this disease, consult the IAPB site, which treats eye care and vision in general.

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