Healthy defined foods that make you fat

Healthy defined foods that make you fat

Many foods are as dietary as they want us to believe? Some myths to dispel about foods passed off as healthy

Here's why your diet isn't working: causes and remedies

Healthy foods are our allies for achieving perfect physical fitness. But are they also dietetic? We analyze the foods considered healthy, checking if they are also friends of our diet.

For breakfast a nice cup of yogurt and muesli. We were certainly careful to buy a low-fat plain yogurt. Muesli are an important source of fiber, but have a significant sugar content, which is not very suitable in a low-calorie regime. Better to combine some pieces of fresh fruit with yogurt, less caloric and with a good supply of vitamins.

At lunch we don't have time to get out of work, but we have a reserve of rice cakes (or corn or other cereals) with us. They are a dietary product and fall into the category of healthy foods. However, this only applies if the biscuits are taken in modest quantities. The problem is that to reach a sense of satiety we have to eat several, with the result of swallowing more calories than a nice plate of mixed salad, and with much less satisfaction.

In the middle of the afternoon, given the shortage of lunch, we are hungry again. Let's treat ourselves to fruit juice, a very healthy food. We are sure? Packaged fruit juices contain a very low percentage of fruit. The sugars, on the other hand, are present to an important extent, as well as dyes and preservatives. If we do not have the opportunity to make a nice fruit juice at home, it is better to get hungry with a crunchy apple or other seasonal fruit.

For dinner with friends, a plate of sushi: we love it and it's on the list of healthy foods. Unfortunately there is a painful truth: sushi is not a dietary dish. Fish is healthy, we agree. The delicious slices of fish, however, are laid on a real calorie bomb. Japanese rice, rich in gluten, is made with rice vinegar and sugar. In addition, each of these delicious morsels will be dipped in soy sauce, which is a concentrate of salt, and we already know that salt, in addition to not being a friend of our line, can cause major problems for our health. If we do not want to give up Japanese cuisine, better bet on sashimi, at least we avoid the calories of rice.

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