Healthy nutrition: foods to fight nervous hunger

Healthy nutrition: foods to fight nervous hunger

Often dictated by tiredness or boredom, but the solution is hidden in the food itself

The first useful meal to combat nervous hunger is the classic broth that can bring – in everyday nutrition – a high nutritional power, as well as having a relaxing effect.
Warm and nutritious it is a good solution, you can prepare it in abundance and freeze the part that you have not consumed, to reuse it in the moments when you have little time to cook.
In fact, in these moments you usually throw yourself on ready-made food. Less healthy as an everyday diet, and it won't help you fight stress and fatigue.

A great element in nature that will be useful for your relaxing diet is pumpkin. Good to cook in the oven too, you can spice the pumpkin with rosemary and accompany it with boiled potatoes to season with a little oil.
A dish rich in nutrition but with decidedly contained calories, it allows you to fight nervous hunger without resorting to heavy food.
Ideal also for those who follow a strict weight loss diet, to eat before any other food helps to feel satiety without accumulating too many calories.

We have oatmeal for breakfast to start the day on the right foot and feel light. Rich in vitamin B they represent an element that helps the functioning of the nervous system, and is a good ally to combat nervous hunger.
Milk is also made from oat flakes (in fact they are often referred to by the name of milk flakes) for this reason they are an exceptional breakfast eaten together with dried fruit (if ground), exotic fruits such as blueberries and with good hot milk .
In the world it has been used in the kitchen for a long time, having understood its great beneficial power, which is why it has been introduced into normal food in Europe.

A well-assorted yogurt is the ideal choice for a fresh and nutritious snack. Add the pieces of fresh fruit and well-chopped dried fruit to the yogurt.
So complete is a satiating food, with which you can say goodbye to nervous hunger and above all you will have the palate satiated by the fruit that contains the right vitamins, and not too many sugars. In this, however, you will have to be good at being careful of the fruits that contain too much sugar.
In conclusion, avoid eating without the real need to do it, if you realize you are doing it without being really hungry, avoid eating solid food, but just drink a cup of cold tea.

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