Healthy skin and hair with Olive Leaf Infusion products, even in summer

Healthy skin and hair with Olive Leaf Infusion products, even in summer

Olive oil is a real cure for the health and beauty of our skin. Mediterranean Secret is a line of products based on Olivum to be discovered

Olive oil has always been one of the most popular natural remedies for skin and hair care and the beauty of the complexion. There are many nutritional properties that this oil, especially if it is extra virgin, can express to stimulate cell renewal, give elasticity and treat small blemishes. And precisely inspired by these benefits, Evergreen Life Products has created a product line that contains its beauty secrets: Mediterranean Secrets.

The protagonists are olives, or rather Olivum, an infusion of olive leaves patented by the company. A 100% natural extract, obtained from leaves of certified origin, natural and free of chemical additives and containing as many as 260 molecules including Oleuropein, Elenolic acid, Rutin, Tirosol and Hydroxytyrosol. A mix of active ingredients concentrated between antioxidants, anti-radicals and anti-aging with extraordinary effects that work efficiently on the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, on the circulation of the blood, on the regularity of arterial pressure and with a detoxifying action.

A line of products that covers the basics of beauty routine, thanks to the day moisturizer, the moisturizing fluid cream and the moisturizing night cream, and that offers products such as the remodeling cream and preventive anti-fall treatment that meet the most specific needs.

And the two creams designed for the daily care of the face and the body moisturizer are the strengths of the Mediterranean Secrets line. The moisturizing day cream has a light and silky texture, easy to apply, which creates a long lasting protective layer on the face. Its formula combines the antioxidant properties of Olivum with the emollient action of sweet almond oil and protection from external agents thanks to Argan oil, giving the skin a nourished, luminous, compact and vital appearance.

The night cream instead, in addition to Olivum, contains a mixture of precious natural ingredients such as shea butter and sweet almond oil, which promotes a high intake of nutrients useful to give softness and elasticity to the skin of the face.

Finally, as a ritual after a refreshing shower, Evergreen Life Products recommends applying the moisturizing fluid cream all over the body which, in addition to deeply nourishing the skin, is an excellent soothing in case of redness. This characteristic, typical of the beneficial substances contained in the olive leaves, makes it particularly suitable also in the summer season as a remedy against sunburn.

If you have a hair loss problem, instead, the preventive anti-hair loss treatment based on natural ingredients and Olivum is the right product for you. The constant use helps to rebalance the nutritional state of the hair, reactivating the circulation and counteracting the excessive fall. Simply distribute a few drops on 5-6 parts of the scalp and massage for a few minutes without rubbing your hair.

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