Heart attack risk: the mark found in the blood

Heart attack risk: the mark found in the blood

A scientific study has identified the presence of a "mark" in the blood that indicates the predisposition to have a heart attack

Heart attack, what it is and how to recognize the symptoms

There is a "brand" in the blood that allows you to understand who is most at risk of having a heart attack.

To reveal an Italian research appeared in the journal Plos One, which makes a huge step forward in the prevention and treatment of heart attacks. According to scholars, in our DNA there is a fundamental genetic marker to indicate the predisposition to this problem.

The "mark" found by the experts allows to identify who could have a heart attack and, consequently, to intervene with greater speed in case of need. Inheritance and lifestyle: these are the two factors that lead to coronary syndromes that affect millions of people every year.

The research led by Giuseppe Novelli, director of the Laboratory of Medical Genetics of the Tor Vergata General Hospital, and Francesco Romeo, director of Cardiology at the University of Tor Vergata, had the objective of understanding if in our DNA there is a marker able to report a possible heart attack.

The microRNAs, or non-coding RNA found in the blood, ended up under observation. These molecules operate as switches, regulating important biological processes including tumor development, cell proliferation and fat metabolism.

Molecular analysis allowed us to discover a different behavior among 84 different microRNAs The miR-423 molecule was indeed present in low levels in people who had just suffered a heart attack compared to those who instead suffered from stable coronary artery disease. This, according to scholars, indicates that its expression identifies the acute event.

"Novelli is not the first biomarker of the infarct so far identified – he explained to Ansa – but it is the most important. It allows, in fact, to identify in a group of subjects at risk, those most exposed to the danger of heart attack and who need therapeutic interventions and immediate estimates. Therefore it opens the door to personalized or precision medicine ”.

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