Heat wave: light and resistant make-up in three key steps

Heat wave: light and resistant make-up in three key steps

Temperatures will skyrocket in many French departments from Saturday, forcing men and women to review their beauty routine so as not to suffer the inconvenience of high heat. Something that requires the application of new treatments and the integration of light materials and textures to have healthy skin, without shine or dilated pores, and makeup that is resistant to any test.

The episode of hot weather scheduled for this weekend is gaining ground, to the point that Météo-Europe is switching twenty-eight departments to orange vigilance in the heat wave from Saturday. Period during which it is important to carefully follow health recommendations (stay cool, drink water, avoid alcohol and physical exertion), and adopt new daily routines. This particularly concerns clothing and beauty, which should be adapted when the temperatures flirt with 40 degrees, with lighter materials, lighter colors and appropriate products.

The importance of pampering your skin

If facials are essential throughout the year, they should not be neglected in the event of a heat wave. This is the most important step in a beauty routine, since perfectly cleansed and nourished skin will be better able to receive its daily dose of makeup, and allow it to last for several hours despite the stifling heat. The beauty routine should start with proper cleansing, carried out with a soap adapted to your skin type, then continue with the application of a serum or a cream with a light texture to even out the complexion and limit dilated pores.

When it’s hot, don’t hesitate to put your skincare products in the refrigerator to increase their benefits and enjoy a most pleasant moment of freshness. A phenomenon that has gone viral on social networks, cryotherapy has a host of followers, and as many treatments inspired by this cold therapy are gradually arriving in our bathrooms. A simple ice cube, effective in tightening pores and fighting certain signs of aging, should be enough to refresh you at the start and end of the day.

Fluid and light textures

Like on vacation by the sea, lighten up your make-up routine during episodes of high heat to let the skin breathe, and avoid the extremely sticky and shiny effect. If the ‘no make-up’ is gaining more and more followers in the world, many are still those who have not embraced this 100% natural routine to go to work. In this case, it is better to first turn to waterproof beauty products – eyeliner and mascara – so as not to end up with panda eyes before even setting foot in the open space. A golden rule not to be overlooked to enjoy long-lasting beauty in all circumstances.

For the complexion, it is better to favor light textures, such as BB and CC creams which will bring a host of benefits as a bonus, and perfect everything with a touch of mattifying sun powder for a tanned complexion without shine. During periods of strong heat, the primer – or base of foundation – is also essential since it allows you to hide all kinds of imperfections while helping to fix the foundation and other correctors for better hold. As for the lips, a simple gloss or a moisturizing balm seem essential during the day, while a matte and long-lasting lipstick will be appropriate in the evening.

Better to warn…

If this roadmap will save you many disappointments, it is not the guarantee of a sunny day without errors. To put the odds on your side, it is better to have a few essentials on hand to get a makeover between two meetings, or appointments. Among the essentials to slip into your handbag are mists, fixers, and other mattifying sheets that will allow you to maintain a radiant complexion, without any shine, throughout the day.

If you don’t have any of these products, don’t hesitate to pat a tissue on the shiniest areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin) to absorb excess sebum, then apply a mattifying powder. These two gestures should allow you to face the heat wave without (too) drooling.