Heather Mills, the new life of former Mrs. McCartney with her very young boyfriend

Heather Mills, the new life of former Mrs. McCartney with her very young boyfriend

Heather is happily engaged and ready for marriage to her fiancé Mike, who is 17 years her junior

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In 2008, the stormy divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills jumped to the top of the news, not so much for the fact itself as for the wealth that ended up on the scales: the former model had obtained something like 27 million euros following the end of marriage with the famous Beatles songwriter. Today, after some time, attention is rekindled on Heather, ready to turn the page thanks to her very young boyfriend.

Heather Mills was Paul McCartney's second wife, from 2002 until the rumored breakup thirteen years ago. Together they had a daughter, Beatrice McCartney. In addition to being a successful model, Heather is also a vegan activist. Mills, from ex-Mrs. McCartney is now happily engaged to producer Mike Dickman and insiders say she is ready to marry again.

However, there is a detail that is arousing the curiosity of many, Heather and Mike are 17 years apart: she is 53, he is 36. Despite the age, sources close to the couple told The Sun that Heather "yes he feels young inside and the years of difference are not a problem ”.

Just before Christmas, Heather and Mike would also have exchanged engagement rings. Together for about a year and a half, Heather would have met her sweetheart aboard a train during a trip to England and Mike would take the first step, leaving a note for Heather before getting off the carriage. Since then they have never left and in 2019 they made their story public.

The one formed by Heather and Mike is certainly not the first famous couple with a notable age difference: just think of actor Hugh Jackman (known on the big screen for playing Wolverine) and his wife Debora Lee-Furness, 13 years older. of him, or to Harrison Ford and Calista Flokhart: on paper Calista is 22 years younger than the legendary Indiana Johnes. And again, the beautiful Catherine Zeta – Johnes and Michael Douglas who have recently celebrated 20 years of marriage, despite the 25 years of difference.

So, Heather and Mike, if need be, have some noble examples to draw from for their future marriage. And if they are roses, regardless of age, they will bloom.

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