Heather Parisi and Lorella Cuccarini at war: the truth of Pippo Baudo

Lorella Cuccarini, Alberto Matano defends her from the criticisms of Heather Parisi

Heather Parisi and Lorella Cuccarini are eternal rivals. The feud between the two is ancient and it's all Pippo Baudo's fault

Lorella Cuccarini and her four children

Behind the eternal rivalry of Heather Parisi and Lorella Cuccarini is Pippo Baudo.

This was revealed by the same presenter who from the pages of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni told how the tension between the two dancers was born, both discovered by Baudo. The meeting with Heather took place in the late 70s in Calabria:

He was on holiday with his relatives in Calabria and I saw her. She was a little plump but very good.

Then the presenter, now 82 years old, was struck by Cuccarini and proposed to Parisi to work with her on the Fantastico transmission. It seems that the response of the American dancer was rather spicy:

When I asked her to work with Lorella, she replied: 'But I am Parisi and I cannot perform with this ballerina'. Their rivalry started from there and I could not help it.

Since then the two women have always endured badly. After the reunion of a few years ago with the beloved Enemy show things got worse. The contrasts have rekindled and the two dancers do not miss an opportunity to prick themselves and make jokes with vitriol. The controversy reached its peak last January when Parisi gave Cuccarini a "sovereignty" and the latter replied piccata, even deserving the Golden Tapir.

Heather was a recent guest of Fabio Fazio at Che tempo che fa, but on this occasion the Cuccarini theme was overlooked. If they don't prick, the two ignore each other. Parisi lives in Hong Kong with her husband and twins, but also two other great daughters, while Lorella continues her career in Italy and is happy mother of 4 beautiful boys.

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