Heather Parisi and menopause: "Let's dispel a taboo, let's talk about it"


Heather Parisi, on Instagram, invites women to open up on a topic that has always been considered taboo, at menopause, with its inevitable side effects, from hot flashes to mood swings

Heather Parisi has long ago decided to open up without shame or false modesty on social media. And to his followers, he tells his life, his family routine, but also and above all opinions on third parties and reflections on politics, society and current events on a daily basis. From the restrictions on the coronavirus, managed differently between Hong Kong, where it lives, and Italy, to which it has remained linked.

Her latest post is an attempt to talk, among women, about a topic that has always been considered taboo, perhaps because it is a sign of the inevitable aging of the female body: menopause.

Heather launches an invitation to her followers to open up, telling their experience and making fun of the side effects, always ostracized: hot flashes and mood swings in the first place.

Today we put the boys to bed, and do "Girl Talk".
For many women it is still taboo, as is talking about one's "monthly period".
We have learned to juggle menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, raising children, but when "out of the blue" menopause comes to visit us, well, it catches us a little unprepared.
Brain Fog (clouded mind), Hot Flashes (hot flashes), Insomnia and Mood Swings (mood swings) make you think of anything?
Come on, don't be shy, sooner or later we all go through it!
I started having the classic "hot flashes" towards the end of my 40s, although they vanished immediately when I became pregnant at the age of 49 and gave birth to my twins.
Then they reappeared a few years ago and now they cyclically peep into my days.
Sweat beads on my upper lip are something I ALWAYS had, even when I was 20. Surely you have noticed my "tic" of wiping with my index finger when I was on television.
But now I happen to ask: Has anyone turned on the heating? I just started melting.
So let's go in order …
Brain Fog is one of those funny (so to speak) moments where you are immersed in conversation and your mind suddenly goes blank, yes BLANK!
You have no idea what you were talking about and you feel as insecure as a dummy. Even if it's only for a few moments, it never seems to end.
Mood Swings is another dish on the menopause menu.
Happy, Happy, Happy and then, suddenly for no reason, you become nervous and detached, touchy and irritable. It is not a fun situation especially when you are close to your children.
It is already difficult to grow our precious, but these mood swings can take you "off track" for a few minutes.
To tell the truth, the insomnia started with the # Covid19 situation and decided to keep me company again. You turn around ALL NIGHT and your thoughts run without stopping. Then you finally fall asleep, but morning has already arrived.
How many of you are experiencing these moments, like me? And how many feel free to talk about it? H *
#heatherparisi #umberto #amolamiavita

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