Heather Parisi: "Sex at 60 is better than at 20"

Heather Parisi: "Sex at 60 is better than at 20"

Heather Parisi continues her social campaign for the clearance of female taboos. After menopause, explain why sex at age 50 and 60 can be better than at 20

Heather Parisi's 60th birthday: joys and sorrows of the most beloved American on TV

Heather Parisi is now unstoppable. After having told her thoughts on Coronavirus, lockdowns, differences between emergency management in Italy and Hong Kong in recent months on social media, exposing her ideas without fear and moving various criticisms, she has gone on to openly address some topics that have always been considered female taboo , which concern you closely. Like menopause and sex in the "anta".

The former showgirl, born in 1960, who recently recounted fragility, insecurities and demons related to her youth, the years of her success, which showed her beautiful and happy and who instead hid monsters called bulimia and domestic violence, today, mother and happy wife, at 60 she can finally be said to be fulfilled. On the family level but also physical and sexual. And he tells it, once again with extreme transparency and honesty, in a long post on his Instagram account. Explaining how maturity and sentimental happiness and serenity have also transformed it on a sexual level.

Today put the puppets to bed and let's talk about sex in "adulthood"!
Often, when we are younger, with sex we want to prove something and we end up doing it even when it just "doesn't fit". For me, in the past it has been "lobotomized" sex with performance anxiety and the pursuit of orgasm as the only goal.
But after I turned 50, I discovered a different dimension.
I began to feel at ease with myself, owner of my body, but above all of my mind. Perhaps it was also due to the fact that I met a man I love and have a solid and true relationship.
Emotional and mental involvement are of fundamental importance. And the maturity and security of a deep relationship changes every perspective.
When these ingredients are there, when you are with your soul mate, sex becomes great.
When I was young, all of this wasn't there and sex was more like physical exercise. Today it is a "tantric" experience that allows my body and mind to free themselves, to experience deep, intense sensations, to completely love me and the person next to me.
At my age, nothing is taken for granted, but the discovery of courtship and honesty that were previously unknown to me gives me an emotional and erotic liberation that I didn't even know I had.
My sex life at 60 is a continuous crescendo.
I have nothing to "hide" from Umberto. They are "me" with him. My body is obviously not the same as when I was younger, my breasts are not that firm and my legs show some imperfections.
Yet, I don't feel the need to change that position to hide my cellulite or that other so as not to show my "MOMMY Belly" 😅
The feeling of pleasure in spite of all physical defects is priceless.
I know, with a thousand commitments it is not easy to find the time to devote to sex.
But a "Kiss" is enough to ignite the flame of desire and if you are lucky enough to have a man next to you who, as Mae West said, "has a gun in his pocket or is he happy to see me?" 😳 that's it.
Women, let's get rid of fears and live our passion in freedom!

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