Heavy legs and hot temperatures: the remedies

Heavy legs and hot temperatures: the remedies

If you feel tired, tense and tingling with the heat, put these simple remedies into practice: they can save you even on vacation

Feeling heavy legs can be a consequence of the high temperatures of the central summer days that put a strain on peripheral circulation. The blood, in fact, to go up from the lower extremities to the heart must face a path of more than one meter in the opposite direction to gravity: the heat, the weight, the age or some hormonal whim can create some difficulty to this process. But remedies exist and are simple and effective.

The simplest of heavy leg remedies is movement. Even on vacation, don't let yourself be taken by sloth, in fact, take advantage of all the easy and pleasant possibilities that your holiday place has to offer, from walks on the shoreline to swimming, from games to volleyball on the seashore to a pedal boat ride. Only prohibition? That of the eight-hour sessions on the couch!

To promote circulation, then, it is important to maintain high hydration. Drink lots of water and consume fruits and vegetables in abundance: besides being rich in liquids, they are also a source of potassium, which regulates circulation. Try to cut, instead, your use of salt: do not add it to dishes and prefer spices and aromatic herbs to give your dishes something extra.

For a sensation of immediate wellbeing, keep the moisturizer in the refrigerator and massage it on the legs from the ankles to the thighs, perhaps using the special massagers with wooden or plastic tips found in the perfumery, or using a natural bristle brush to dry. Do you want to enhance the effect of manipulation? Use essential oils: rosemary, juniper and mint refresh, horse-chestnut and birch have draining effects.

The bathroom and the shower are privileged moments to take care of tired and swollen legs. Fill the tub with warm water, add a few drops of draining essential oil and a handful of salt and enjoy your relaxing bath. In the shower, instead, enrich the scrub with rosemary leaves and direct the jet of cold water on the legs, from the feet to the groin, with a particular insistence on the back of the knees. Cold water activates venous circulation.

Do you want to give yourself an evening of relaxation without guilt? Heat water and vinegar in equal parts, soak a towel and pass it over your legs: the swellings will disappear and relief will be guaranteed. And when you go to bed, keep your legs slightly raised using a pillow: this way you also favor venous return.

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