Helmet: how to choose the length depending on your face

Helmet: how to choose the length depending on your face

From lob to bob there are endless sizes: find out how to choose the perfect size for your features

Regardless of personal taste, have you ever wondered what would be the right length of a helmet for you? Because if it is true that each is perfect when she feels good about herself and maybe she wears a cut or a color that no hairstylist would have recommended throughout her career, however there are golden rules that everyone should know before deciding.

At one time the rule was measured in centimeters: if the distance from the cheekbone to the chin measured strictly with the ruler was more than 5.7 cm then the long bob was the best choice. But the types of helmet are so many. Now the choice is based on the features and the shape of the face, without leaving aside some considerations on the sidelines: if you have an important pointed nose, better a tuft, if you have it big but it does not have a better tip a choppy cut, if you have cheekbones protruding, better a long bob to soften the features. But here's what to choose between the lob and the bob if you have the …

Round face

The tone face needs to be stretched with an ad hoc make-up and also with a vertical cut: the short bob does not go in this direction, so better a lob or a mob and absolutely no fringe unless it is very short. A lateral line would be really perfect but also the central one that breaks the roundness could be a good solution.

Rectangular face

If you have an important jaw, it is better to opt for a mob that reaches the end of the neck, better if moved and slightly scaled to make the geometric lines of the face less clear. The fringes or the side tufts help soften the features, so banish the even or clean loops.

Oval face

The oval face is what each of us would like. Suitable for every cut and style, all you need is good taste. If you have an oval face, close your eyes and let your hairstylist do it … you will always be cool!

Triangular face

The triangular face is likely to become just a forehead or just a chin so the bob is perfect, but without fringe and with tufts that go down long in front towards the end of the neck: they accompany the chin and lengthen the forehead.

Square face

The square face should be stretched like the round one, otherwise it risks being too hard. Unless you want to give this impression, choose a long and choppy bob to make fun of the edges and maybe even play with a slightly light color.

Everything must also be harmonized with the fringe, gringe and short fringe issues, which help to compose the right cut. An advice? Take a picture with a Polaroid and apply cards to see what is best for you. Then run to your trusted hairstylist.

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