Here are 5 harmful diets you should never follow

Among the healthy diets for weight loss, there are some not to follow, let's see 5

If there is a need to lose extra pounds, it is essential not to follow harmful dietary schemes. For example, if the diet focuses on a single type of food, as is the case with the diets of lemons, apples and grapes, we will notice a good weight loss, but the muscles will be depleted, which will become deficient in the substances suitable for his well-being. It will also be easier to recover lost weight.

Do not consider the diets that limit calories too much, which generally take a short time before some important event. They often lead to depression, slow down the normal metabolism and transform what we eat into fats, which accumulate and are difficult to eliminate.
A diet of this type also weakens the body and the immune system is affected.

There is no need to follow diets that replace each meal with a protein preparation and therefore cancel the amount of carbohydrates taken. They are very harmful to the liver and kidneys, as the body fills the decrease in sugar from proteins. An accumulation of toxins is obtained, which are generally eliminated by drinking a lot during this type of diet, but not sufficiently to not cause harm.

We must also pay close attention to detoxifying diets, to be carried out only for a maximum of two days. Feeding only on fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices, enriches the body with vitamins and minerals, but limits the intake of proteins and carbohydrates and also in this case weakens the body. Diet is a healthy lifestyle and must be varied in order to be able to feel good.

Do not even follow the diets that completely remove carbohydrates, which certainly give an immediate result, but deprive the body of sugars and therefore of energy. The organism removes lean masses and water, debilitating itself. Healthy eating allows you to eat every food in the right quantity and practicing constant and daily movement is the best way to stay in shape.

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