Here are the 8 foods that will help you fight seasonal depression

Here are the 8 foods that will help you fight seasonal depression

With the arrival of the first cold weather, our morale is sometimes at half mast and we risk experiencing what is commonly called seasonal depression. How to balance your diet to boost your mood? Here are eight foods to favor, according to Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

Although generally speaking, it is not necessarily advisable to regulate your mood through food, it is nevertheless possible to balance it in order to get the most out of it. This is particularly the case when we have a slight blow to our morale, with the arrival of winter, which can be linked – in part at least – to a deficiency in magnesium, but also in omega 3 and vitamin D. To boost your mood, here are some foods to choose.

Chocolate, preferably dark

A true pleasure food, chocolate also has the particularity of being rich in magnesium. “To do this, you have to choose black, but indeed, chocolate has virtues to boost morale. explains Alexandra Murcier. “To be consumed in moderation, two tiles at snack time for example.

Whole grains

Whole grains are a good source of magnesium. “During this period, you can try to eat more whole grains to stock up on magnesium. It can be whole wheat, whole rice…” indicates the expert.


Among the foods that boost morale, there are oilseeds. “It is possible to boost your magnesium intake through oilseeds, whether hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, etc..” advises the dietitian.

Oily fish

In addition to magnesium, it is important to pay attention to your omega 3 intake in this seasonal context. specifies Alexandra Murcier. “We therefore favor the consumption of fatty fish, rather sardines and mackerel than tuna or salmon, which are more polluted..

Vegetable oils

Still with a view to omega 3 intake, the dietitian recommends focusing on vegetable oils. “Walnut, rapeseed and flaxseed oils are particularly rich in omega 3″ she assures.

The mushrooms

To boost your morale, you also need to stock up on vitamin D.”This can be more difficult through diet, in general and also in winter, because vitamin D is synthesized by exposure to the sun, however we can eat mushrooms, which are a good source. recommends the expert.


It is possible to eat eggs to provide vitamin D to the body. “Eggs are a significant source of vitamin D, they also provide protein. specifies the dietitian.


Finally, for magnesium and especially iron intake, the specialist advises focusing on lentils. “It is a good source of iron, and to fix it well I recommend eating a fruit for dessert, a citrus fruit, for example, because the vitamin C it contains will help with this. she concludes.

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